Author: Rob Slade

Video of the week: Five months and 21,000 miles around China

China isn’t always at the top of a motorcyclist’s bucket list, and even if it is there are so many logistical challenges standing in the way. But that didn’t manage to stop this couple who managed to cover an astounding 20, 727 miles on their five month trip around all of China’s 33 provinces.

Their remarkable journey took 146 days as they travelled from the grass plains of Inner Mongolia, through the third lowest point on Earth in the deserts of Xinjiang, to Everest Base Camp in Tibet and past the largest stone Buddha statue in the world.

What makes the journey even more amazing is the fact that they did all of this on their Chinese-made CFMOTO 650TR and had to ride on ridiculous tracks reduced to rubble and mountain roads that looked as though they’d wash away at any minute… all while dodging crazy truck drivers.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

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