Author: Mike Beddows

Stein STJ-535 review

Stein STJ 535 cropped

Stein is a relatively new brand to the UK biking market and the company produces a few different textile jackets aimed at the more budget conscious rider. The Stein STJ-535, which retails at £109.99, on review here is very reasonably priced and is well worth considering, with a selection of colours available.

There are two small vents on the front of the jacket and a further two vents on the rear. Unfortunately, these didn’t offer too much in the way of cooling me down when the going got a bit warm, as they are backed by the fixed waterproof lining, which is by nature windproof. This highlights one of the problems of using a fixed waterproof lining, and is one of the reasons we recommend using opting for a laminated jacket if your funds allow. Of course, laminated jackets are expensive, and if you’re looking at the Stein STJ-535, they’re probably out of your price range anyway.

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At the end of the day I had to turn the jacket inside out and leave it to dry in the sun whilst I hydrated with a well-earned beer, such was the extent of my sweating while wearing the STJ-535.

This isn’t solely down to the ineffective ventilation though, the fixed waterproof liner also makes the jacket run very warm, and my sweat had nowhere to go once inside the jacket.

The STJ-535 has plenty of adjustment points; the collar can be adjusted to suit, and arm, waist and torso straps allow you to cinch the jacket in where needed to provide a fit that’s suitable for most body shapes and sizes. It’s safe to say, in use the jacket was extremely comfortable.

The main zip of the jacket is of good quality, though it’s a shame that there are no zip tags, meaning operating them with gloved up hands is awkward. It’s also interesting to note that the main zip appears to be the wrong way around, zipping up from left to right, as is usually seen on women’s clothing.

Stein STJ-535 review

While this isn’t necessarily a problem, and I’ve been informed that several other men’s jackets zip this way, it can take some getting used to.

Storage is good on this jacket with two upper breast pockets secured with Velcro and two lower hand warmer pockets which are zipped. On the rear there is a large pouch accessed by a zip at each side and you also get two inner pockets in the liner, plus a further pocket underneath the thermal layer.

CE-approved shoulder and elbow protectors are supplied as standard but unfortunately there is no back protection.

Stein STJ-535 Verdict

The Stein STJ-535 is a pretty basic jacket, but that’s to be expected at this price, and in reality it offers very good value for money. It’s comfortable to wear, though I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re planning on doing any off-road riding when you’re going to be working up a sweat. For road touring, it’s a great buy if your funds are limited.