Author: Rob Slade

Michelin announce new dual-purpose tyre

Michelin Anakee Wild

Michelin has announced the launch of a new tyre called the Anakee Wild which will hit markets around the world from February 2016.

The tyre has been designed for big trail bikes that spend a lot of time on mixed terrain and as such, it has a 50/50 on/off-road split.

The Anakee Wild is currently available in four radial sizes including 110/80 R 19 and 120/70 R 19 front, plus 150/70 R 17 and 170/60 R 17 rear with three more sizes coming to market later in the year.

With the adventure biker in mind, the tyre has been built to handle a range of riding, whether that means a spell on the black top or an excursion onto the most uneven, sandy, stony or muddy tracks around.

To match the needs outlined above, the development engineers were given the mission to create a tyre that ensured three key requirements:

  • Excellent mileage and resistance to overheating and wear
  • On-road stability and comfort
  • Wet road grip, riding precision and off-road traction

Michelin believe all of these requirements have been met thanks to new tread composition, optimised tread depth, radial technology and an innovative design of the tread blocks which is inspired by the Michelin Desert tyres (which have won the Paris-Dakar 33 times).

During development the Anakee Wild tyre saw roughly 25,000 miles of testing across four continents in a range of conditions. Over the course of this testing the tyres were analysed to help Michelin add the final touches to finish with the product you now see today.