Author: James Oxley

Do you know the way to Cock Bridge?

Adventure Biker Rider funny place names

Admit it, you see a funny place name by the side of the road and you can’t help but snigger into your helmet. It’s not big, it’s not clever, but there’s something about spotting a sign for the village of Muff that brings out the inner school boy or girl in all of us.

Around this time last year, we published a story featuring some of the funniest, most inappropriate and downright naughty place names ABR readers had spotted and sent to us.

That story prompted a flurry of new photos arriving in our inbox. So without further ado, here are the latest funny place names, plus a few old favourites, that left you chuckling by the roadside and reaching for the camera.

Adventure Biker Rider funny place names
Sequoia National Forest, California. Photo: Francis Reinhard
Adventure Biker Rider funny place names
Michigan, USA. Photo: Shaun Bartz

USA. Photo: Steve Burbidge

Ireland. Photo: Karl Dawson

We hope these place names made you titter. If you spot more on your travels, and it’s safe to pull over and take a photo, please do pop them in the comments section below.