Discover Leatt’s new adventure biking gear

Leatt adventure motorcycle gear range

If you could create the ultimate adventure biking gear, a combination of jackets, trousers, gloves, and boots, what would you design?

South African company Leatt faced this challenge as it ventured into making adventure motorcycle gear for the first time, drawing upon its 20 years of expertise in manufacturing top-tier motocross equipment.

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From a blank canvas, Leatt has crafted a stunning line of adventure biking apparel, brimming with innovative features design to enhance life on and off road. So, let’s take a closer look.

Leatt ADV MultiTour 7.5 motorcycle jacket and trousers

Leatt adventure gear

Top of the range is the ADV MultiTour 7.5 jacket and trousers, designed to tackle the most demanding on and off-road adventures.

In fact, this all-season three-layer jacket manages to attain the holy grail of adventure biking gear, feeling both lightweight and flexible in the saddle while also being rugged and protective enough to perform in challenging conditions.

Featuring a versatile three-layer design, including a robust yet flexible outer shell, a removable waterproof liner made of HydraDri Max material, and a thermal layer, the MultiTour is designed to adapt to a variety of weather and riding conditions.

Leatt adventure motorcycle gear

With ample ventilation and an integrated hydration pack that allows you to carry 1.5l of water, comfort and convenience are prioritised without compromising on safety, thanks to CE-level 2 armour in the back, shoulders, and elbows, plus a level 1 chest protector, and abrasion-resistant Superfabric in key impact areas. Overall, the MultiTour 7.5 jacket and trousers achieve a CE-AA safety rating.

The waterproof and thermal inner liners also combine to make a rather fetching casual jacket off the bike too.

The MultiTour 7.5 trousers take a similar design approach so you can adapt them to the riding conditions, whether you’re caught in a rainstorm at the top of a chilly Stelvio Pass, or you’re riding Spanish trails in the sweltering heat.

There’s also plenty of storage for your belongings including huge pockets on the jacket and trousers, plus handwarmers, all of which will prove incredibly handy on tour.

Leatt ADV DriTour 7.5 motorcycle jacket and trousers

Leatt DriTour jacket

For those of us who live in the UK, it’s safe to say we’re not blessed with the driest of climates, which means waterproofing is a vital part of our riding gear.

This is where the Leatt’s DriTour line comes in. Unlike the three-layer system employed by the MultiTour we’ve already looked at, the DriTour is laminated using a HydraDri DRI+ membrane developed by Leatt.

This means the outer jacket and trousers are water and windproof, helping you to stay dry without the need to put on an extra waterproof layer when it rains. This approach is ideal for those of us who enjoy road-touring in cooler climates, and who don’t need to worry about working up a sweat on the trails.

Below that laminated outer jacket and trousers, you’ll find a thermal layer which doubles as a casual jacket. And when it comes to protection, the DriTour features the same level of armour and abrasion resistance found in the MultiTour.

Leatt ADV FlowTour 7.5 motorcycle jacket and trousers

Leatt FlowTour

The third offering in Leatt’s new range of adventure textiles is the FlowTour 7.5 which has been designed for those of us looking to explore warmer parts of the world. And being South African, the Leatt team know a thing or two about striking out into the bush when the temperature soars.

Featuring a ventilated shell and Leatt’s own waterproof HydraDri MAX liner, it has been designed to be extremely lightweight and flexible, while offering the protection you need if you take a tumble. With this in mind, the FlowTour features the same CE-level 2 protectors found across Leatt’s adventure range in the back, shoulders, and elbows, along with a CE-level 1 chest protector.

And, thanks to Leatt’s motocross background, all the jackets in its new adventure range are neck brace ready.

Leatt ADV HydraDri 7.5 boot


As if developing a new range of adventure textiles wasn’t a big enough job, Leatt has also found the time to create a new adventure boot, the ADV HydraDri 7.5.

It’s a stylish piece kit made from nubuck leather and features a waterproof and breathable membrane. As you’d expect with an adventure boot, it has been designed to offer protection and comfort, with good-sized shin and ankle protectors along with a reinforced toe box which has been shaped to enable easy gear shifts.

The dual buckle and Velcro fasteners help ensure a secure fit, along with the addition of a slide lock which helps make a tight seal around the top of the boot. And Leatt has also designed a chunky sole pattern to provide grip on and off the bike.

Leatt riding gloves

Leatt riding gloves

And finally, to complete Leatt’s new range of adventure biking gear we have three sets of gloves: the lightweight and ventilated X-Flow summer glove (pictured), the waterproof HydraDri glove for mixed conditions, and the insulated Subzero glove that has been made to keep your hands warm in the coldest of weather.

All are meticulously designed to provide comfort and protection while riding, being made with abrasion resistant leather and stretch ripstop, along with armour located in impact and slide areas.

Leatt’s adventure biking gear

So, there you have it. From a blank sheet of paper comes one of the most innovative and well-designed ranges of adventure gear we’ve seen for some time. By combining its rich motocross heritage with a fresh eye on the adventure biking world, the South African brand has produced a selection of jackets, trousers, boots, and gloves that certainly deserve consideration next time you’re in the market for new riding kit.

To find out where you can buy Leatt’s adventure range, visit its distributor Apico Factory Racing’s website HERE.