The ABR Festival 2024 in photographs


Can you believe it?

It feels like we wait all year, and then in a flash the ABR Festival has happened, and we have to wait another 12 months for the next one.

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But we sure do cram a year’s worth of motorcycling entertainment into the four days of the festival, and this year’s event was the biggest, and I think we can all agree, best yet.

There was so much to see and do around the magnificent grounds of Ragley Hall, from the rocking bands at the Bikerheadz Stage, the 40km of fantastic riding around the on-site trails, Adam Riemann and Chris Birch appearing together to tear up the GoPro Display Arena, and a record-breaking 10,000+ test rides, that it was hard to take it all in.

Luckily, we had a world-class crew of photographers and videographers working around-the-clock to capture all the action.

We’re busy preparing a photo gallery and aftermovie so we can all look back at what an incredible event it was, but in the meantime, we’ve selected some of favourite images from across the weekend.

Here’s 10 of our favourite moments from the ABR Festival 2024.

Saturday night on the Bikerheadz Stage

From the first snare hit on Thursday afternoon to the final chord on Saturday night, the Bikerheadz stage was the place to be for live music throughout the festival.

Fan favourites included Red Hot Chilli Peppers UK, Let There B/DC, and The Decades Band, and the crowd was buzzing all the way through.

On-site trails were better than ever

Despite plenty of rain during the build-up to the festival, when the weekend rolled around, weather stayed dry for us.

That made riding around the 30km Bridgestone Trail sublime, but it didn’t stop plenty of bikers seeking out the biggest challenge of the ABR Festival: the Swamp of Doom on the TRF Trail.

It was perfect weather for camping

One of the highlights of any ABR Festival is simply pitching up a tent alongside thousands of others like-minded folk. It’s a great way to make new friends and catch up with old ones.

The glamping options were even more popular than ever this year, and for good reason: who doesn’t want to spend the weekend in a luxurious, fully-furnished bell tent?

The stars of the adventure biking world were all there

One of the most anticipated appearances of the weekend was Adam Riemann, freshly arrived in the UK after an off-road odyssey across Europe, with the ABR Festival being his final destination.

Elsewhere, Chris Birch put his skills to the test in the GoPro Display Arena, Kinga Tanajewska (OnHerBike) and Vanessa Ruck (The Girl on a Bike) were crowd favourites, along with veterans like Elspeth Beard, Ted Simon, and Austin Vince.

The first bikes roll into Ragley

It was 8am on Thursday morning, but there were already hundreds, if not thousands of bikes waiting to enter the festival grounds. Led by Alun, the founder of the festival and ABR magazine, a procession of adventure bikers ride up the drive, with the combined rumble of that many motorcycles tipping excitement levels to boiling point.

The manufacturer’s stands were more impressive than ever

Each year, all the major manufacturers go all-out to showcase their latest and greatest motorcycles, but this year was more impressive than ever.

Royal Enfield brought the Himalayas to Warwickshire, Ducati brought refined Italian class, BMW brought a huge fleet of some of the most exciting adventure bikes currently on the market, and Harley-Davidson couldn’t help but draw eyes with their unreserved display of American muscle.

Even the smaller manufacturers proved big hits, with Kove, CFMoto, Benelli, and Zero all busy throughout the weekend.

Krystal Roxx bringing the house down

Music wasn’t just confined to the rocking Bikerheadz Stage this year. Each night, the Bridgestone Stage, which hosted speakers in the day, turned into an alternative music venue, and was a huge hit amongst the crowd. Krystal Roxx got bodies moving with her selection of bangers, and was one of the highlights of the weekend.

A record-breaking 10,000+ test rides

Whether you were testing the cracking 450 engine in the new Himalayan, taking the DesertX off-road, or trying out the touring comfort of the R 1300 GS, the test rides were more popular than ever.

In fact, there was a record-breaking 10,000+ test rides conducted over the weekend. After all, it is the best place to see and ride all the latest bikes in one place.

The world-class venue

A world-class event deserves a world-class venue, and it’s hard to think of one better than Ragley Hall. From the stunning manicured gardens to the woodlands and fields to the exquisite Hall itself, the Ragley estate is the perfect place for the greatest celebration of adventure biking.

The bars and food

It’s no easy feat keeping 15,000 bikers sated and hydrated, but the main Spada Bar and the numerous smaller bars and food vendors ran flawlessly around the weekend to provide quality food and drink to satisfy everyone. It’s a simple recipe, but it’s truly hard to beat a cold pint in the sunshine, listening to great music with your mates.

And some extras…

That was just 10 photos, and there’s still so many incredible moments that we’d like to share. Don’t forget, a full photo gallery is coming soon, so stay tuned and try and spot yourself in the action once it’s online.

Women in Motorcycling group photo

It was wonderful to see more women than ever at the ABR Festival 2024, and this group photo is just some of the ladies who made the event such a great place for everyone to be involved with. We can’t wait to welcome even more women next year.

Treorchy Male Choir

Another surprise hit of the festival, the Treorchy Male Choir stunned audiences with their incredible and emotional renditions of Welsh classics, showtunes, and stirring soul numbers.

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Those are just some of our favourite photographs and moments from the ABR Festival 2024.

It would be impossible to capture every single smile and thrill from the weekend, but we’ve got more photos and video coming – stay tuned.

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