Author: Naomi Dunbar

The best adventure motorcycling images of September 2017

Lake Louise Area, Alberta

Here at ABR, we love seeing what adventures you guys get up to. Everyday, we thoroughly enjoy sifting through all the images that you send in of the cool, weird and wonderful places you’ve visited by two-wheels. It’s inspiring to see a community of people brought together by the same passion and the images you send in are not only enjoyed by us, but by the thousands of adventure bikers who follow our page – keep doing what you’re doing!

Okay, I’m glad we had that heart to heart, but mushy moment is over. On to the good stuff. Now, because the quality of photos we receive are getting better and better, we’ve decided to celebrate the best of the bunch every month. So, without further ado, here’s 10 of the best adventure motorcycling photos of September 2017. Has your photo made the cut?

1. Taking in the beauty of the Dolomites

Motorcycling in the Dolomites
Photo: Tom Farmer

2. Wild camping on the Alpine Loop, Colorado

Alpine Loop Colorado
Photo: Ivan Tulala

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3. Finding happiness at Los Padres National Park, California

Las Padres National Park California
Photo: @eat_sleep_moto_beer

4. Taking ‘send it’ to new levels…

Jumping a BMW GS
Photo: Chris Urquhart

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5. A wee donkey infatuated with a R850GS in Morocco

Donkey and a GS in Morocco
Photo: Fergus Brady

6. Wild camping in Salento, Colombia

Wild camping in Salento Colombia
Photo: Juan Zamora

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7. Admiring the views from Sornfelli Plateau, Faroe Islands

Sornfelli Plateau, Faroe Islands
Photo: Travis Gill

8. Discovering the wonders of the mountains in southern Irakleion, Crete

Mountains in Crete, southern Irakleion
Photo: Axilleas Petris

9. Tackling off-road terrain (for the first time) in Ulangim, Mongolia

Ulangim, Mongolia
Photo: Phil Harris

10. Enjoying the alpine scenery in Alberta, Canada

Lake Louise Area, Alberta
Photo: Pawel Jakubek

Massive thank you to everybody who has sent in their photos to us this month. If you’d like to submit a photo, then please feel free to send it to us via Facebook messenger, just don’t forget to let us know the location!