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20 motorcycle tours to make 2020 your year of adventure

If you’re looking for adventure biking inspiration for 2020 then look no further. Here’s a selection of some of the best motorcycle tours and events taking place across the globe: the perfect place to start your year of adventure.

Ride the Roof of India

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Fourteen days of riding the Royal Enfield Himalayan or the latest 500cc Bullet Trials Works Replica. You’ll ride high up into the Indian Himalayas and take on the challenging yet hugely rewarding Cliffhanger mountain road. Explore  awe-inspiring landscapes by day and spend nights under the stars in camp.

You’ll also experience the hustle and bustle of Indian life as you descend into cities and enjoy some well-earned creature comforts when you stay on luxury houseboats. With all accommodation, breakfast and dinner arranged for you, all you need to do is focus on this extraordinary ride.

Ride through some of the most remote and spectacular landscapes on earth with the help of a guide who will take you away from the busier, more commercialised routes, and help you experience the Himalayan mountains at their best. The riding will be challenging but hugely rewarding and you’ll return home feeling like you’ve conquered the world.

Confidence off-road is a must. The tour is 80% paved although some sections will not be for the fainthearted.

To get involved, contact Alex online.

Explore southern Spain

A week-long tour through Spain’s southernmost region. Andalucia is the ideal place to ride in the sun, no matter what time of year.

This all-inclusive tour will help you explore the best this beautiful region has to offer. You’ll be led by an experienced local guide and have all the accommodation booked for you, so all you have to do is enjoy the ride.

There’s a reason why plenty of motorcycle manufacturers choose Andalucia as the location to launch their new bikes to the world’s media. There’s a seemingly endless supply of stunning roads, year-round sunshine, and spectacular coastal and mountain landscapes to experience. Trust us when we say it’s a superb place to ride.

On this tour you’ll explore plunging valleys, untouched national parks and twisting mountain passes. By night, you’ll indulge in delicious local cuisine and experience the warmth of Spanish hospitality.

The tour is entirely road based so as long as you enjoy riding stunning roads in the sunshine, it could be time to pack your bags.

Sign up here, book your flights and let GS Motorcycle Tours do the rest.

Discover the Balkans on and off road

Twelve days riding across some of the most remarkable scenery the Balkans has to offer.

Tackle gravel and asphalt roads in Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia in small groups of six, led by two BMW certified tour guides, before immersing yourself in local culture and hospitality at the end of a day’s ride.

A region with a rich and diverse history, the Balkans is becoming increasingly popular for those looking to adventure further afield within Europe. Starting in Slovenia, you’ll climb through mountain villages and steep switchbacks, before dropping down into magnificent valleys and finally onto Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian coast road. With a focus on mixing culture and cuisine with superb riding, this is an adventure that doesn’t stop when your engine does.

You’ll spend 40% of your riding time on gravel roads so you’ll need to be confident handling an adventure bike on unpaved roads. Alkemist Adventures, who run the tour, also offer a two-day training course before you set off, to up your skills ahead of the big adventure. 

Get in touch with the guys at Alkemist Adventures on their website.

Explore Vietnam on Enduro bikes

Choose from three incredible 14-day tours that enable you to tackle the best of what Vietnam has to offer.

A trip across the border from Vietnam to Laos, the North Vietnamese mountains or riding the historic Ho Chi Minh Trail. All trips include airport transfers, hotels, breakfast and dinner on riding days, a support vehicle for your luggage, water and two English speaking guides.

Vietnam needs little introduction and is rapidly becoming a popular destination for travellers. Exploring the country on two wheels helps you to get away from the hustle and bustle of crowded tourist spots.

Whether you’re discovering Buddhist temples, viewing incredible scenery, or experiencing local tribal culture, this tour will ensure you get to explore the very best of Vietnam

All tours involve a degree of off-road riding, with the Ho Chi Minh trail 25% dirt and the other two tours 50% off-road. However, you’ll be tackling the trails on the perfect bikes, lightweight Honda CRF250s or Kawasaki KLX250s, and all luggage will be carried separately, so they will be manageable for those less confident on the dirt.

Book online with Guided Motorbike Tours.

The ancient Silk Road through Kyrgyzstan

Two weeks venturing deep into Kyrgyzstan, a rugged and untouched Central Asian country on the famous ancient Silk Road.

You’ll come to realise that Kyrgyzstan is a biker’s paradise for those willing to explore off the beaten track, although you’ll be grateful for the assistance of the ride leader and support vehicle on a trip that is guaranteed to push you out of your comfort zone.

Get a taste of the life of an overland adventurer without having to quit your job. Exploring the exotic landscapes and cultures of Kyrgyzstan will be the adventure of a lifetime.

About 30% of the journey on dirt roads so some off-road experience is preferable. The driving standards and paved road quality are likely to be a far cry from Europe too, so confidence and bike fitness are musts when riding for 14 days in a row.

To book this bucket list adventure get in touch with Compass Expeditions online.

Traverse the fjords on Norway’s west coast

A 15-day guided tour taking you through the most majestic scenery and remarkable roads in Europe, if not the world.

Starting in northern Denmark, you’ll cross into Norway to explore the fjords and coastal areas including the spectacular road to Lysefjord and the Trollstigen mountain pass. Bed and breakfast is included each day, as well as ferry crossings in Norway, as you climb further North on the Atlantic Ocean Road.

Norway is a deceptively vast country that offers an embarrassment of riches for bikers. When planning your own trip, it can be easy to miss out on much of what makes it so special. With experienced guides, you won’t miss out on any of the stunning scenery and twisting roads this part of the world is has to offer.

The emphasis on this tour is put on enjoying the sights and making memories, but you’ll need to be able to ride multiple hairpin bends up and down mountain sides.

Get in touch with Mad Hatter Motorcycle Adventures online to get involved.

Yamaha off-road experience

Learn the art of adventure riding on a range of Yamaha bikes, including the new Ténéré 700. Based in Mid Wales, Yamaha’s Off-Road Experience offers a chance for novices and experts alike to develop their skills under expert guidance.

Riding off road is brilliant fun and opens up a whole new world of motorcycling. The best way to learn is on a dedicated course with expert instructors who’ll teach you the skills and techniques you need to ride with confidence in the dirt safely.

There are courses to suit all levels of rider, from complete beginners to those with some trail riding experience who want to take their skills to the next level. And, we can’t think of many better bikes to learn on than the new Ténéré 700.

Ideally, you’ll have experience on a geared bike, but those who have never ridden a bike before can also get involved, just give the team a call before you turn up.

Head over to the town of Llanidloes in Wales to take part. You can even bring your own bike if you’d like to stick to the familiar. Contact the team online.

Explore the best of the Alps

Nine days of riding through the Alps experiencing magnificent mountain passes and exploring picturesque Alpine towns and villages.

Starting and finishing in Nice, you’ll pass through the Cote d’Azure and Monaco before climbing into the Alps. During seven days of riding you’ll experience some of the best riding Europe has to offer while spending each evening relaxing over a delicious dinner and enjoying the local wines.

There’s reason the Alps is so a popular destination for bikers – it’s home to magnificent motorcycling roads twisting their way through some of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth.

With expert local guides, daily routes, and your bed, breakfast and dinner arranged for you, all you’ll need to do is follow the tour guide to wind your way through the scenery. Being on the border of France and Italy, you’ll be immersed in the unique Alpine culture and cuisine.

Riding mountain passes is fun but challenging. As long as you’ve got some road experience, you’re certain to enjoy the tour. If you do struggle, the guide can provide feedback on how to improve your skill.

Call McTours on 0141 416 0230 or visit online.

Loop Ireland and watch the Isle of Man Classic TT

A comprehensive, self-guided group tour exploring the very best that Ireland has to offer before a short ferry to catch the Isle of Man Classic TT Races in the flesh. Your route will take you along parts of the world’s longest coastal route, the Wild Atlantic Way, with an option to rent a bike if required.

A trip around Ireland promises to be as much fun off the bike as on it, and two weeks is plenty of time to see what it has to offer. Your trip will take you to the Cliffs of Moher, the famous Ring of Kerry and finally a motorcycling Mecca on the Isle of Man. In the evenings you can enjoy the craic in friendly local pubs with the rest of your group.

General road riding experience. Expect to cover about 200 miles a day, all on tarmac. You’ll stay away from busy roads that are frequented by coach tours, so you may find yourself riding narrower lanes at a gentle pace and leaving the racing to the professionals on the Isle of Man.

Book online with Lemon Rock Bike Tours to get involved.

Trail riding in Portugal

Trail riding on Portugal’s rugged Silver Coast with guided daily rideouts exploring the dirt and sand trails that criss-cross the area.

You can choose from one, two, or three-days riding, making this the perfect weekend adventure. You’ll be based in the city of Figueria da Foz, which is nestled on the coast between Porto and Lisbon airports, giving you plenty of options for flights from the UK. 

Portugal has a wealth of riches when it comes to dirt biking, with enough superb trails to last a lifetime. However, if you’re new to the country, it can be tricky knowing exactly where to go to make the of your time away.

On this tour, you’ll benefit from the knowledge of an experienced local guide and have a bike provide, so all you need to do is concentrate on perfecting your power slide.

Off-road experience is preferred. There are a variety of trail difficulties and your guide will never take you too far out of your comfort zone.

Get in touch with Intrepid Trails online, book a Thursday evening flight to Portugal and enjoy the perfect three day weekend. 

The tour of a lifetime in Africa

An unforgettable 24-day tour in Africa. Starting in Cape Town, South Africa, you’ll move up into Namibia and across to Botswana, experiencing the magic of riding on this majestic continent.

The riding will include a mix of paved and gravel roads and pass through areas where you have the chance to see elephants from the saddle. All your accommodation is arranged for you all you have to do is ride and soak up magnificent sites such as the Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls.

Africa is far removed from the familiarity of Europe, and can be quite intimidating for travellers who haven’t travelled there before. But with expert local guides and the aptly named Honda XRV750 Africa Twin to tackle the terrain on, there’s no better way to immerse yourself in the magic of the continent. 

Some off-road riding experience is handy. You’ll be tackling gravel roads in unfamiliar surroundings, so being confident you can handle an adventure bike on the trails is important.  

Get your tickets to Cape Town booked and get in touch with Ride Down South.

Seek enlightenment in Northern India

Fourteen days in the shadows of the towering Himalayas. Starting in Delhi, the capital of India, your guide will lead you on a journey into the heart of Northern India.

You’ll visit a selection of religious sites and Hindu temples dotted amongst the mountains, including a sacred temple sitting at 3,300 metres above sea level. And you’ll certainly experience the spiritual side of motorcycle travel.

In 1968 the Beatles made the journey to Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world, in search of meditation and enlightenment. While their visit inspired some of their most creative song writing, yours is certain to open your mind and expose you to some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the world.

Riding snaking trails between colossal Himalayan mountains is an experience most of us only dream of, but this is the chance to make that dream come true.

Road and driving standards are different to those in Europe, so plenty of road riding experience and confidence is a must. Your guides will assist with any language barriers, and high-quality accommodation is arranged to give you the best rest at the end of a riding day. 

Email the team or visit their website.

Ride the American West

A must-do on any biker’s bucket list. Your bike is shipped to the USA ahead of 20 days riding. Starting in California, you’ll ride through the American West with your guide, stopping at the likes of the Grand Canyon and Death Valley, all on your own motorcycle. With all the legwork, including shipping, done for you, all you need to do jump on a flight to start your Stateside tour.

The opportunity to tackle this incredible country on your own set of wheels with expert guidance is one that is hard to pass up. Riding through the American West is an unforgettable experience, with so many natural wonders to explore, your eyes will be feasting on something spectacular every day.

Staying in motels and eating in traditional diners, you’ll also see the best of American hospitality, while your guide will steer you away from big chains towards authentic, local businesses.

Your tour will stick to the blacktop so, while you should be comfortable and confident riding all day across a three-week tour, the focus will be on enjoying the experience rather than pushing your or your bike to the limit.

Contact Chris at Unchained Tours or visit their website here.

Ride the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland

A week-long tour on the island of Ireland exploring sections of the Wild Atlantic Way, before catching some motorcycle racing action such as the North West 200 and Armoy.

Based in a cosy bed and breakfast in the heart of the County Down countryside, you’ll spend five days riding out and exploring the local area led by an experienced local guide, before settling down and watching others push their bikes to the limit.

Touring the island of Ireland is among the most fun you can have on two wheels. Enjoy beautiful surroundings, great roads, and the warmth of hospitality the Irish are quite rightly so famous for. With a chance to witness some motorcycle road racing in action, this tour will also appeal to the speed demons among you.

Some road riding experience is all you need. You’ll ride your own bike, but you’ll be sticking to tarmac and won’t be expected to pull long days in the saddle. You’ll return home feeling refreshed after this one.

To join the tour, get in touch with Ed on his website.

Ride Pakistan’s Karakoram Highway

Nineteen days of adventure riding, tackling Northern Pakistan which is home to some of the world’s most spectacular mountain ranges, including the Karakoram and the Himalayas.

Your guide will serve as a translator and cultural guide along the way. Off the bike you’ll enjoy the warmth of hospitality this region is known for as you stay in a mix of homestays, hotels and campground. 

A gateway to South East Asia, Northern Pakistan is bursting with opportunities for the adventure rider wanting to explore the world.

With a healthy mix of paved and un-paved roads, each day will be challenging yet hugely rewarding experience as you traverse remote mountains passes and experience adventure riding at its very best. Pakistan is very much an emerging tourist destination, and you’ll meet people who rarely see tourists passing through their village.

This is a tour for those looking for adventure. Off-roading and adventure riding experience is a must. You’ll be riding over a long period of time on a variety of road surfaces, with river and creek crossings necessary.

Get in touch with Karakoram Bikers to get involved.

Tour the South of France in style and comfort

A relaxing motorcycling holiday in the South of France ideal for you and your better half.

Stay in a beautifully converted farmhouse in the Occitane area of France, using it as a base to explore the surrounding countryside, villages and superb biking roads on offer. Also, take the chance to relax by the pool and spend some quality time together off the bike.

If you’re looking for a motorcycle holiday that combines fantastic riding with the opportunity to relax and enjoy delicious food, great wine, and the laid-back French lifestyle.

It’s also perfect if your pillion doesn’t want to spend all day, every day in the saddle. Leave them to enjoy the facilities on offer while you make the most of the riding opportunities available during the daily guided ride outs.

This trip isn’t designed to push you to your limits but instead it offers the chance to enjoy exploring rural France at a relaxed pace. It’s the perfect way to combine your passion for motorcycling with a holiday in the sun. 

Get in touch with Mad Hatter Motorcycle Adventures online.

Ride the mighty Transfăgărășan

An eight-day guided tour through the Romania’s Carpathian Mountains, including the famous Transfăgărășan and Transalpina passes. You’ll get to experience the best of Romania’s famous Transylvania region, complete with a visit to Dracula’s castle. All meals are included, with four and five-star accommodation waiting to be enjoyed at the end of a day’s ride.

There are few better combinations than mountains and motorbikes. With the Carpathian Mountains following an almost 1,000-mile arc through much of Eastern Europe and 50% of the range found in Romania, it’s no surprise that so many exhilarating mountain passes are nestled amongst these peaks.

Romania also offers a change from familiar central European tour destinations. You’ll find yourself visiting medieval towns and sampling traditional cuisine, as well as spending a night enjoying the delights of a five-star winery.

The tour is road-based so as long as you’re comfortable riding for between five and seven hours each day on some challenging mountain roads, it will be a blast.  

Book your place by emailing Maria or visit the Romania Motorcycle Tours website.

Ride from India to London

An epic 50-day trip covering 16 countries and two continents, beginning in Imphal in northern Indian, through China, South East Asia, Central Asia and Europe, before finishing triumphantly in London. Ride your own bike with a group of like-minded riders led by an experienced guide handling the planning, bureaucracy and routes.

Many of us dream of doing the ‘big trip’, the one you’ll tell your grandkids about. But the logistics of such a trip are enormous and finding someone willing to share the journey with if you don’t fancy riding alone is even tougher. By joining a group of fellow adventure riders, you’ll share an unforgettable adventure and arrive in London rightfully able to call yourself a world tourer. 

You’ll spend almost three-months on the road riding some challenging terrain, so having some off-road experience and bike fitness will prove beneficial.

Mount your GoPro to capture the action and get in touch with the team at Viktorianz to book yourself on this once in a lifetime trip.

Experience a taste of the Dakar in southern Portugal

Trail riding in the Alentejo and Algarve regions of Portugal. The six-day tour will provide five riding days on a network of seemingly endless trails that criss-cross these sun-kissed regions.

Aiming to give you a comfortable ‘mini-Dakar’ experience, you’ll set off with your own SatNav each day allowing you to ride at your own pace, before finishing in beautiful surroundings at rural hotels or country houses where you can enjoy local wines, food and share stories from the day’s ride.

Portugal is world renowned for its incredible off-road riding opportunities, but did you know that the final European-African Dakar Rally in 2007 actually started in Lisbon?

During your tour, you’ll be able to experience a taste of the trails that were tackled on that final course as you snake your way through this sun-kissed landscape. Your evenings will be anything but ‘Dakar’ however, with stays in beautiful rural lodgings to unwind after a great day’s ride.

Off-road experience and off-road bike fitness are strongly recommended. Although, of course, there’s no pressure to ride beyond your capability.

Drop João an email or visit Horizon Adventures online to find out more about the Atlantic Odyssey Tour.

Enjoy your first bike tour in Wales

A leisurely four-day tour in Wales, ideal for those looking to begin a life of motorcycle travel in comfortable and familiar surroundings. Staying in hotels and bed and breakfast accommodation, your guide will help you explore Snowdonia’s stunning mountain scenery and surrounding areas on some of the best roads the UK has to offer.

Heading abroad on a bike tour can be a daunting experience, exposing yourself to new cultures, languages, and rules of the road. While this is ultimately fun, it can be a tough challenge.

This tour of Wales gives you the chance to try out touring at home. An experienced guide will show you the best of Wales by day, while evenings are spent enjoying the company of like-minded riding partners.

The trip is focussed on those looking to hone their all-day riding skills and begin touring. There will also be plenty for experienced riders to enjoy and it could be a great way to introduce a friend or loved one to your passion for bike travel, with women riders especially welcome.

Reach out to the UK Motorbike Tours team online here.

Get out there and ride!

There we have it. Twenty of the best motorcycle tours to get you out on two-wheels exploring the globe. All you have to do is book in and get started. Ride safe!