Fjords, trolls, and £10 pints: touring Norway by the path less travelled

Norway is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for motorcycle touring, and for good reason. You’ll find breathtaking scenery and incredible roads (and not much in the way of traffic), along with legal wild camping which allows you to pitch up a tent almost anywhere.

Plus, in summer the daylight is almost endless, and you’re able to ride into the Arctic Circle on Europe’s most northerly road. Touring Norway is a bucket-list destination for any adventure biker.

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Two-up adventure biking couple Sean and Emily explored Norway as part of their 6,000 mile adventure across Northern Europe. Check out these stunning photos from their trip that will make you want to hand in your notice and get on the ferry right now.

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The Lysevegen road in Lysebotn

Lysevegen Road

With 27 hairpins as it descends into the valley of a magnificent fjord, the Lysevegan road in the village of Lysebotn is a must-ride for any biker visiting Norway.

It’s closed in winter, but we probably don’t need to convince you that touring Norway in the summer months is a more pleasant experience anyway.

The Lofoten Archipelago

Lofoten Islands

A series of islands that jut out into the Norwegian Sea , Lofoten is famous for dramatic scenery and quaint fishing villages. There, you can spot Minke whales by day and watch the Northern Lights by night.

Best of all, the E10 road is an impressive feat of engineering that connects them all with curving bridges and sea-level tarmac that gives you the perfect reason to visit on your bike.

Lofoten Islands

Be prepared for eye-wateringly expensive pints

It’s true: touring Norway is expensive. Sean and Emily were confronted with £10 pints, which makes you reconsider how much you want that post-ride lager.

If you’re concerned about your budget, bring a gas stove and get your grub from the supermarket so you can save your money for the equally expensive fuel.

Thankfully, the scenery makes it all worthwhile. And you can always camp for free…

Camping in Norway

The Road to Nordkapp

Nordkapp is the furthest north you can go Europe by road, and it’s an iconic destination for bikers from across the world.

Make sure you get the obligatory photo at the monument once you get there.


Touring Norway in Issue 81 of Adventure Bike Rider

Straight road in Norway

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