Author: Billy Johnson

The Adventure Bike Rider Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Guarantee yourself a very merry Christmas with this selection of incredible adventure biking gifts.

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Forward this page to your loved ones as a subtle hint and unwrap the present you want on Christmas Day.

Tickets to the 2023 ABR Festival

From £75.00

There are two kinds of adventure bike riders: those who are going to the 2023 ABR Festival and those who’ll be sat at home twiddling their thumbs, kicking themselves for not getting their tickets in time. So, to guarantee your spot at the greatest celebration of adventure biking ever held, put ABR Festival tickets at the top of your Christmas list.

You’ll spend your weekend at the magnificent Ragley Hall Estate in Warwickshire, a five-star venue with facilities fit for royalty including plenty of posh toilets and hot showers. We’ll even put a tent up for you before you arrive in a prime position if you’d like us to. There’ll also be a huge selection of mouth-watering food to choose from, rocking live music throughout, and beer tents to rival Oktoberfest.

But this is a bike festival after all, so you’ll be able to test ride the latest and greatest adventure and touring bikes, take part in road ride outs, and explore the 20km, big-bike friendly off-road trail.

If you fancy learning to ride off road, we’ll have world-class instructors ready and waiting. Or perhaps you want to prepare for your own adventure. To help you do that, we’ll have the biggest names, authors, and social media stars in the motorcycling world, along with a roster of experts on hand to help you turn your dreams into reality.

To be honest, there’s too much going to list here, so why not spend a couple of hours planning your festival weekend this Christmas Day after you’ve unwrapped your tickets.

2023 Adventure Bike Rider subscription

From £29.99 for the year


Has life become a little mundane? Are you bored of riding the same old roads in the precious free time you have in between work and commitments at home? Rest assured, you’re not alone, but there’s a simple first step you can take to inject some much-needed adventure into your life.

That’s right, by getting a subscription to Adventure Bike Rider magazine you’ll guarantee 2023 will be your year of adventure. Each issue is packed full of everything you need to unleash your inner adventure biker.

You’ll find UK routes designed to provide huge thrills in a weekend or less, inspirational travel stories from around the globe with jaw-dropping photography, in-depth reviews of the latest and greatest adventure, touring, and trail bikes, and expert advice on all aspects of motorcycle travel.

But be warned, a subscription to Adventure Bike Rider may result in you becoming ruggedly handsome, your clothes being covered in a fine layer of trail dust, and it could see you spending far too much time looking heroically at the horizon. Life may never be the same again. Are you ready?

Adventure Bike Rider Calendar


Sadly, not every day can be an adventure, that’s just the way life is. But that doesn’t stop us dreaming of travelling exotic lands with a motorcycle purring between our legs while we’re sat in the office or doing the dishes.

So, to help us all get a hit of adventure each and every day, we’ve created the 2023 Adventure Bike Rider Calendar. It’s bursting with 12 months of the most spectacular motorcycle travel photography you’ve ever feasted your eyes upon.

And whether you hang it on your office, kitchen, or in your garage, it is guaranteed to reignite your inner wanderlust every time you look at it. The 2023 ABR calendar is printed on high-quality silk paper to make sure it does the stunning photography justice. And, by popular demand, it returns to portrait orientation for 2023 with its own hanging loop.

But be warned, there will be a limited print run and the ABR calendar sells out every year so make sure you let your loved ones know you want one for Christmas to avoid missing out.

Adventure Bike Rider Hoodies and Softshell Jackets

Hoodie £55.00

Softshell Jacket £85.00

Winter isn’t complete without a hoodie to chuck on whenever you’re down the pub, lounging around home, or walking the dog. But not all hoodies are created equal. Yes, there are those worn by yobs and miscreants up and down the land. But there is also the high-quality ABR hoodie, worn by discerning adventure bikers with a lust for life and a thirst for exploration.

Made from a premium heavyweight cotton-polyester blend, it’s toasty warm, soft, and supremely comfortable, which is handy if you’re putting the heating on a little less this winter due to the spiralling energy prices.

Featuring two roomy pockets, a full-length zip, a brushed inner for added comfort, and chunky hood drawstrings, it’s perfect for any occasion. And of course, you can proudly display your love for adventure biking with the ABR logo printed on the back, chest, and sleeve.

But if you’re looking for something a little smarter, but just as comfortable, we’ve got you sorted there too with the ABR softshell jacket. With a water repellent coating and windproof material, it’s perfect as an outer around town, or as a mid-layer if you’re heading out for a ride. A selection of sizes are available from small to XXXL.

Scott Dualraid Dryo Jacket


If you’re an adventure biker, then chances are you want your gear to perform on and off road in all conditions, while keeping you protected. It’s a tough ask, but Scott has risen to the challenge with the Dualraid Dryo, a three-layer jacket that looks darn stylish too.

We’ve been wearing it over the past few months and it has performed exceptionally well, feeling lightweight and flexible in the saddle while offering plenty of protection from the elements.

In terms of armour, it comes with industry leading D30 protectors at the elbows and shoulders, and there’s also pockets for chest and back protectors which you can add later.

We wore the Dualraid Dryo over the summer months and it provided ample ventilation, but now the weather has turned chillier, we’ve added the removable windproof and waterproof membrane to keep us warm and dry throughout the autumn.

Other great features include the magnetic collar which is easy to open or close even with gloves, leather reinforcements in key areas, plenty of pockets, and it’s easily thrown in the washing machine when it needs a clean.

If you’re looking for a jacket that keeps you safe without restricting your mobility, then the Scott Dualraid Dryo is an excellent choice.

Garmin Zumo XT with Touratech Locking Mount

It’s true that today your phone does a pretty good job at giving you directions while you’re on the road. But there’s nothing quite like having a dedicated SatNav device you can rely on that doesn’t rely on a phone signal to work, and won’t call you if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet on your ride.

One of the best SatNavs around right now is the Garmin Zumo XT which aims to make each time you hop in the saddle a more enjoyable experience. To begin with, it has an ultrabright, glove-friendly, and rain-resistant display. It can handle any kind of weather, temperature, vibration, or shock.

And that’s just the hardware. The navigation software packed into the Garmin Zumo XT is like having Captain Cook riding shotgun. Featuring turn-by-turn directions for on-road riding, coupled with topographic and satellite imagery for off-road exploring, it gives you complete guidance wherever you go.

It can save routes and waypoints for later, and it comes with detailed maps of Europe with no subscription required. Plus, if you do end up wanting to connect your phone, you can make calls and listen to music.

Even better, this bundle from The Adventure Bike Shop includes an upgraded Touratech mount which secures the Garmin XT to your handlebars, and you can even make the lock compatible with your existing Touratech keys.

Honda Adventure Centre

One-day Exmoor tour £299

Two-day Exmoor adventure £499

Learning to ride a big adventure bike off-road can be daunting, even for those of us with a bit of trail riding experience. If you’ve just got a brand-new (and expensive) adventure bike, the last thing you want to do is risk damaging it by trying to tackle a trail beyond your skill level.

That’s why the Honda Adventure Centre is the perfect place to delve into the world of big bike off-road riding, or to take your skills to the next level. Based in Exmoor National Park, they’ll sort you out with the latest Honda Africa Twin (you can also opt for a CRF300L) and teach you off-road skills such as navigating steep trail descents, technical hill climbs, deep ruts, river crossings, and more.

Taught by expert riders, it comes highly recommended by ABR Editor James, whose off-road skills and confidence increased massively after taking part in one of their two-day courses last year.

There are three levels of tuition to choose from, so whether you’re totally new to off-road riding or more experienced, you’ll learn something new. A pub lunch is provided, and the two-day course includes an evening meal, so you’ll have a chance to unwind with your fellow riders.

Taking a course at the Honda Adventure Centre is worth every penny and it will set you up ahead of years’ worth of trail riding fun. Plus, if you’re buying it for your partner, it’s a good excuse to get them out of the house for the weekend. 

Motion Pro Trail Tool


Maintaining your motorbike is either a pleasure or a pain, depending on your persuasion.

But the fact of the matter is, if you put in the miles, you’re bound to end up twisting some bolts at some point in your biking life.

Even if you’re simply adjusting your phone mount, tightening your luggage, or changing your headlight bulb, it’s always useful to have some tools on hand. Luckily, there’s a piece of kit that combines everything you need for basic motorbike maintenance: the Motion Pro Trai Tool.

Don’t be mistaken though, it’s not just any old multitool. This is the Swiss Army Knife of motorcycle maintenance. Packed with all common socket sizes, Phillips, and flathead screwdrivers, along with standard 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch socket, it punches far above its tiny weight.

It has enough tools to perform the most common fixes, and it’s compact enough that there’s not really any excuse to ever leave it at home. With a hard nickel pewter finish and a convenient carry case, the Motion Pro Trail Tool is an invaluable piece of equipment for anyone who owns a motorbike.

Add one to your Christmas list this year, and you may well save yourself the hassle of hanging around by the roadside waiting for the AA at some point next year.

Yuasa YCX1.5 Motorcycle Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer


Even though we like to think of ourselves as dedicated motorcyclists, it’s probably fair to say many of us tend to ride less during winter. Some of us may have even stored our bike (or bikes) away in a cosy garage in favour of modes of transportation that feature, well, a little more environmental protection.

But there’s nothing worse than wheeling your bike out of the garage on the first warm spring day, only to hear silence when trying to turn the ignition. Battery maintenance is an essential part of motorcycle upkeep, and it’s important to do it right.

A way to do this properly is with a smart charger like the Yuasa YCX1.5 that will not only keep your battery charged up, but also prolong its life. Its seven-stage charging and maintenance process provides battery care, with an automatic diagnosis function which adjusts the charging process to sustain battery health.

The YCX1.5 also has short circuit, overcharging, and reverse polarity protection that will save your battery from any electrical faults. It can charge 6v and 12v batteries from 4Ah to 30Ah so, as well as keeping your motorbikes ready to go, it’ll also charge all your powersport toys.

Mosko Moto Gnome Tank Bag

Approx. £124

Nobody loves luggage as much as adventure bike riders. We can’t help but pack the tails of our motorcycles with panniers, top boxes, roll bags, and whatever else we can strap on. Yet, the humble fuel tank is one spot that can be neglected.

It’s easy to overlook since the space is relatively limited, but for functionality and utility, a good tank bag is without compare. Being able to easily access your most important belongings without having to get off your bike is something that once you experience, you can’t help but love.

Mosko Moto’s Gnome tank bag is one of the best and is packed with thoughtful features. For starters, it’s orientated in a landscape position rather than straddling the spine of your tank, meaning it doesn’t restrict your movement and positioning when standing on the pegs or getting on and off the bike.

With a total 5l capacity, the main compartment features plenty of room for storing your phone, wallet, snacks, and a map. Plus, there’s a top pocket for pens and tools. There’s an interior stealth pocket for passports and money, and an exterior pocket for things you might want to grab quickly such as your sunglasses.

In addition to all that, the Gnome also packs in a 1.5l hydration sack, so you can quench your thirst on the go. Made from rugged 630D high-density recycled nylon, and with a Molle panel for attaching accessories, the Gnome is a truly useful and versatile piece of luggage.

Global Eagle X6 Plus Front and Rear Cameras


Dash cameras, aside from providing endless YouTube entertainment, also serve to protect you and your motorbike in the unfortunate case of accidents and can provide evidence in the case of legal liability.

If you’re ever in the position that you need to prove that another party is at fault due to a crash, having recorded footage of events can save you from having to fork out for liability payments and premium increases.

However, what you don’t want is to find that the recorded footage you need is grainy, low-quality, and ultimately worthless. That’s why Global Eagle’s X6 Plus Front and Rear camera set is priceless.

Equipped with dual lens, full HD 1080p cameras, GPS sensor, and night vision technology, you can be assured that every moment will be captured. The innovative tech and high-quality lenses capture details such as number plates in low-light conditions, and WiFi connectivity allows you to send videos and photos straight to your phone.

Having cameras on your motorbike is not only important for insurance purposes, it can also provide you with evidence if you are believed to be liable for a traffic offence. And, if all goes well on your ride, then it’s great to have footage from your adventures and capture all the amazing scenery from the vantage of your bike.

Gooeylight Hunter 4000L Fog Light Kit


There’s nothing quite like a set of auxiliary lights to give your bike the ‘adventurous look’ and ready to tackle the toughest of terrain. But as well as looking cool, spotlights also happen to be incredibly useful.

With the dark nights closing in here in the UK, the risk of having an accident increases as hazards become harder to spot, and you become less visible to cars and lorries. That’s why it’s worthwhile investing in a serious set of auxiliary lights.

A pair of Gooeylight Hunter 4000L Fog Lights will provide a total of 8,000 lumens, beaming light 185m ahead and 100m across, not only illuminating the road and environment in front of you, but also increasing your visibility to other road users.

Gooeylight’s smart control system makes installation a breeze, simply tapping into the battery terminals, and it automatically detects when the bike is running. You can choose to turn the lights on manually or use the auto-light sensor which will switch them on in low-light conditions, such as at night or in tunnels. There’s also a dimmer switch to control the intensity of the beams.

They’re waterproof, heat resistant, approved for legal road use across Europe, and feature voltage protection. The Hunter 4000Ls are also sleek, with a black anodised finish, and their compact form means you can mount them pretty much anywhere on your bike.

ZumoLock Garmin Navigation Security


A Garmin Zumo is an incredibly useful and valuable tool for any adventure bike. The SatNav device helps you find the best roads to ride and makes any trip a whole lot easier, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying the riding.

The only problem is, thanks to the Zumo’s convenient easy release feature, it can be easy to steal if you leave it unattended on your bike. Enter the ZumoLock. Instead of detaching your SatNav whenever you stop and carrying it away with you, you can leave it securely locked to your bike while you pop into a café for a hot brew.

This is an indispensable piece of kit, especially when you consider a Garmin Zumo will set you back the best part of £300. Made from powder coated stainless steel, the ZumoLock is a little beauty that securely locks your SatNav to your bike using the existing Garmin mount.

It’s simple and easy to install, taking just 10 minutes, and it’ll last a lifetime. Don’t let your precious Garmin Zumo go missing. Pop a ZumoLock in your stocking this year so you can enjoy some peace of mind on your next trip.

VISIN Heated Visor Insert


Sometimes you come across an idea that is so obvious, and makes so much sense, it makes you wonder why everyone didn’t adopt it years ago. Well, the VISIN Heated Visor Insert is one of those ideas, and in its simplicity lies its genius.

After all, haven’t we all suffered from the dreaded foggy visor at some point? It’s a recurring, frustrating problem, not to mention one that can endanger you on the road. Sure, you can use a Pinlock insert or similar anti-fog product, but they’re never 100 per cent effective.

To solve the problem once and for all, VISIN has created a heated insert which easily pops inside your visor. Its transparent conductive coating allows electricity from a battery to be passed across the film insert, instantly generating heat and clearing your visor. The insert fits any helmet regardless of brand and style, and it works in even the harshest conditions. A simple idea, yet highly effective.

VISIN is a UK company that specialises in optical solutions for some of the most advanced industries in the world: aerospace, defence, medical, and luxury cars. As it happens, the technological wizards behind these innovations are also avid adventure riders, so they’ve developed the visor insert to suit our needs. Give your riding a whole new level of comfort and safety with the VISIN Heated Visor Insert.

Oxford Products Camping Chair


It almost sounds counter-intuitive, but there’s nothing better than relaxing in a comfortable chair after a long day on your bike. That’s especially true if that chair is in your very own campsite in the great outdoors.

Unfortunately for us adventure bike riders, it’s not feasible to bring a whole camping chair with you, right? Wrong. Say hello to the Oxford Camping Chair. Weighing under a kilogram and packing down into a tiny 35cm x 10cm carry bag, this little chair becomes a throne in no time at all.

It’s spacious and comfy, with a hardy 600D polyester seat featuring mesh panels, and it’s constructed out of tough aluminium so you can kick back and relax wherever you go. When it’s time to leave, it folds down easily and is compact enough to fit inside most panniers and luggage, or you can just strap it down to your rack.

So why not give your behind what it deserves next time you’re camping out under the stars by adding an Oxford Camping Chair to your Christmas list.

Oxford Fuel Flask


Range anxiety can put a dampener on even the most thrilling of rides. And if you’ve ever run out of fuel, you’ll know just how inconvenient and embarrassing it can be. But while us adventure bikers don’t think twice about taking extra fuel when we’re riding through remote locations in far flung lands, we don’t tend to do it closer to home.

However, with panic buying causing big queues and the pumps to run dry in recent times, it really does makes sense to have some fuel in reserve here in the UK too, whether you’re touring the NC500 or hitting some green lanes.

This is where the Oxford Fuel Flask comes in. Available in 1l and 1.5l capacities, the leak-proof and durable design means you don’t have to worry about spilling fuel anywhere, and it’s easily stashed in your luggage or strapped to your bike.The flask is engineered from lightweight yet tough aluminium, so instead of carrying around a big can of fuel, you can rely on the Oxford Fuel Flask to get you to the nearest garage if you run dry.

Pushing your motorbike along a busy motorway or over a dirt track is not a great way to end your journey, so save yourself the hassle.

Oxford Firepit and Grill

Firepit £59.99, grill £29.99

Sitting around a glowing campfire after a day’s worth of exploring is truly one of life’s great pleasures, and something that satisfies our purest human instincts.

In order to have a functional and safe fire though, it’s best to have a firepit, maximising airflow and heat retention while preventing the flames from scorching the ground, helping you leave not trace.

Handily, Oxford has an ingenious firepit that allows us adventure riders to enjoy the warmth of a fire wherever we go. Made from top quality stainless steel, it features a compact flat-pack design, meaning that you can easily store it in your luggage. It takes no time at all to set up, simply requiring the five steel sections to be slotted into one another.

To complete the experience, you can add the Oxford Grill attachment to turn your fire into a barbeque. It slots neatly into the top of the firepit, giving you the perfect platform for cooking meat, veg, and whatever else you feel like over your toasty flames.

It packs down just as easily as the firepit, and the whole ensemble weighs less than 2kg. Both items come with a rugged and compact carrying case, so they won’t get jumbled in your luggage.

Touratech Destino Ultimate GTX motorcycle boots


German brand Touratech has partnered with esteemed motorcycle clothing brand REV’IT! to create a piece of footwear designed to combine motocross levels of protection with the comfort of a touring boot. And they’ve done a cracking job.

The Destino Ultimate GTX boots are made with a Gore-Tex membrane, so your feet will stay dry and warm in the saddle. The dynamic support frame system provides freedom of movement while protecting against hyper-extension, and the impact-absorbing Seesoft foam and external shin plate all provide the utmost protection.

In fact, these boots are certified with the highest possible level of protection in European standards. They fit snugly to your feet with the BOA dial-in closure system, which makes taking the boots off a quick and easy process.

On top of all this, the Destino Ultimate boots have a Vibram Apex sole which provides stability and control on the pegs, and an Ortholite insole for a cosy and comfortable walk away from the bike. Give your feet the best in comfort and protection with a pair of Touratech Destino Ultimate GTX adventure motorcycle boots.

ATLAS Throttle Lock


Surprisingly, in this day and age, not all bikes come with cruise control as a standard. For something that improves the experience of riding long distances so dramatically, it just seems like a feature that should be on every bike.

And while some manufacturers offer it as an optional extra, it tends to be an expensive one. So, if you want the convenience of cruise control on your bike at a fraction of the price, then the ATLAS Throttle Lock is your answer.

This clever piece of kit is a mechanical throttle lock that holds your throttle steady and keeps your bike at a constant throttle position. It’s easy and quick to disengage, simply requiring you to press a button with your thumb.

And if you want to change your speed, simply roll the throttle either forward or back and the friction pad inside the device will hold it steady. It’s dead easy to install, only taking about ten minutes, and the universal design means it fits any bike. Have a cruisy Christmas ride with an Atlas Throttle Lock in your stocking this year.

Gerbing XRL Xtreme Heated Motorcycle Gloves


I had no idea that heated gloves existed when I first started riding. Come winter, I would wrap my hands in the thickest wool underlayer I could find, then try and squeeze my leather gloves over the top. Pretty quickly, it’d all wet-out in the rain and my hands would end up soaked and freezing anyway.

So, imagine my reaction when I discovered the modern wonder that are heated gloves. Not only do I now enjoy the experience of riding in winter more, I’m also a whole lot safer considering I can actually feel my fingers and be as responsive as I need to be at my bike’s controls.

In short, heated motorcycle gloves are a Godsend and Gerbing’s XRL Xtremes are among the best. They are waterproof and windproof yet still breathable even while heating your hands, making riding feel more like sitting next to a warm fire with your favourite whisky in hand then battling the elements on your bike.

The stylishly designed premium aniline leather gloves also feature protectors on the knuckles and palm for increased safety, an adjustable wrist closure, and a visor wipe. You can either power them directly from your bike’s battery or by using an optional rechargeable lithium battery pack. Winter riding just got a lot more pleasurable.

Roadskin Taranis Elite AAA-rated motorcycle jeans


If riding a motorbike is the bread, then looking cool is the butter of our two-wheeled passion. The two go hand in hand. As adventure bike riders, we tend to be seen kitted out head-to-toe in textile clobber as we scour the globe, or closer to home, in search of adventure.

However, an adventure suit isn’t always the most practical attire for day-to-day riding, and walking into your local pub looking as if you’ve just ridden across the Sahara is sure to turn some heads.

Luckily, there’s another option that doesn’t compromise on safety. UK family-run business Roadskin makes motorcycle jeans that offer the highest level of protection, while looking and feeling just like regular trousers.

Roadskin uses an innovative Kevlar/denim weave in one of its most popular products, the Taranis Elite AAA-rated single layer motorcycle jeans. They are highly protective while being comfortable and stylish enough to wear at work, out to dinner, or down the pub.

And they’re great for touring too. ABR Editor James spent two weeks touring in Europe this summer while wearing the Taranis Elite jeans and he was hugely impressed by their winning combination of comfort, protection, and style. Roadskin’s jeans come highly ABR recommended.

Scottoiler vSystem

From £89.99

Maintaining your motorcycle chain tends to be a bit like clearing out your gutter: it’s one of those tasks that you always tell yourself you’ll do more often, but it always ends up being pushed to the back of your mind.

And just like blocked gutters can cause damage to your house, a neglected chain can cause damage to your bike, and eventually put you in harm’s way. If a chain isn’t lubricated and left to collect dirt and grit, it can ruin your chain and sprocket, meaning you’ll need to replace it sooner. Even worse, your chain or a sprocket tooth can snap, causing a serious accident.

Thankfully, there’s a solution for those of us who aren’t cleaning and lubricating their chain every other weekend. The Scottoiler vSystem is an ingenious device that delivers a steady, constant supply of specialised oil directly to your chain.

This means the moving parts in the final drivetrain are always kept perfectly oiled, making your ride safer, more efficient, and hassle-free. Using the Scottoiler vSystem, you’ll extend the life of your bike chain three and a half times on average, saving you money and time spent on maintenance.

Because it only applies the necessary amount of oil to keep the chain running smoothly, there’ll be much less grit and dirt collecting on your chain and forming an abrasive damaging paste.

The vSystem is gravity fed and vacuum operated, meaning you don’t need to worry about it interfering with your bike’s electronics.

It offers up to 1,500 miles of hassle-free riding, while the provided 250ml bottle of lube lasts for 5,000 miles, and replacement lubricant is only a small cost.

There’s also a micro variant of the vSystem which, aside from being more affordable, is also great for bikes with restricted space.

So, why not take an item off your motorbike maintenance checklist by adding a Scottoiler to your Christmas list this year.

Ride Expeditions vouchers
From £50.00

How do you give someone the gift of adventure? With a gift voucher from the good folks at Ride Expeditions, that’s how.

This internationally renowned motorcycle tour operator delivers unforgettable global adventures for bikers. With destinations ranging from Argentina to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between, you can choose from their extensive list of tours to find the trip that’s right for you or a loved one.

Explore the Mongolian Steppe, the glaciers of Patagonia, or ride alongside elephants in Botswana. Or perhaps you fancy exploring dirt tracks in the jungles of Cambodia or experiencing the breath-taking Garden Route of South Africa.

Ride Expeditions caters for all kinds of rider experiences from 100% on-road trips to almost completely off-road journeys, with options for pillion on select tours.

You can immerse yourself in different cultures, lodging at homestays and sampling local delicacies, or relax in luxury at 5-star resorts: the choice is yours. The expert team at Ride Expeditions will guide you through every step of the way, so you can be assured that your trip will go smoothly.

Vouchers are available for a range of budgets, so why not give the adventure biker in your life (even if it’s you) the tour they deserve.

Jackery Solar Generator

From £532.99

Enjoying the great outdoors is the perfect way to relax, and camping on a bike trip is the best way to do it. But even when you’re off grid, it’s handy to be able to power your electronic devices like phones, cameras, and laptops.

Sure, you can spend hours in a nearby coffee shop fiercely guarding a plug socket, but there’s only so much caffeine anyone can take. A far better solution is to harness the power of the sun to charge all your devices while you’re relaxing at camp using the Jackery Solar Generator.

Consisting of a portable power station and solar panel, you can charge all your devices wherever you go. The generators and solar panels are compact and portable, and there’s a range of sizes and capacities available, whether you’re packing it in your panniers or taking a van with your bike in tow.

If the weather turns foul, don’t worry, because you can charge it up from a wall outlet and use it as a portable battery providing hours of power for all your devices. This means that it’s also great to have at home, as it can serve as a backup power supply in case of power cuts. 

GIVI Trekker Alaska Panniers

From £552.99

We’ve used Givi luggage for years here at ABR and we rate it among the best. It’s al proved hard wearing, looks good, and features quick release systems that are convenient to use. Givi’s Trekker Alaska side cases and top boxes continue this theme.

Not only do they give your bike the ‘adventure look’ whether you’re riding around the world or packing gear for a weekend away, the Trekker Alaska panniers have been thoughtfully engineered with practical design features that make life easier on the road.

Givi’s Wirelease system makes it quick and easy to attach and detach the 36l side cases to your bike, and only one key is required to lock the boxes. There’s an integrated carry handle that’s ergonomic and sturdy, and the lid hinge allows the case to be opened completely and held in place without the need for straps or retention cables.

There’s also a hook system to tilt the panniers without completely releasing them to assist in loading and unloading. And they’re easy to carry up to a hotel room at the end of day on tour.

Made in Italy from tough natural aluminium, with stainless steel hinges and reinforced corners, Givi’s Trekker Alaska luggage is a great addition to any tour.


From £43

If you’re anything like me, your collection of biking kit grows each year. Indeed, a quick glance at the ABR office is a minimalist’s nightmare. But having to dig through all your riding gear is a pain when you’d rather quickly pick up the gear you want and hit the road.

Thankfully, BikerTidy has the perfect solution. With a range of free standing and wall mounted racks, it’s the easiest way to store and organise your bike kit. From a sole rider to a biking family, its shelves and racks give you a dedicated and convenient place to put all your helmets, clothes, gloves, and boots.

Choose from a selection of sizes to fit a BikerTidy rack in your house, flat, or garage, and there’s plenty of colours to match any decor. You can also add accessories such as drip trays for storing soggy gear, which is perfect for returning from your Boxing Day ride.

Ducati Redline B4 Rucksack


Ducati produces some of the finest-looking motorcycles around, and they don’t lose their stylish touch when it comes to apparel and accessories. The Ducati Redline B4 rucksack has all the attention to detail you would expect from a Ducati product.

This pre-formed bag is the perfect way to carry your belongings with you, whether you’re commuting to work or going on a day trip. With a 16l capacity, it has plenty of room for your essentials, and the padded laptop compartment safely stores most 15” laptops. It has well organised interior pockets and a concealed helmet compartment which accommodates most full-face helmets.

The clever flat bottom of the bag allows it to stand upright, making it easy to access your belongings. Like Ducati bikes, the rucksack is extremely sleek and comfortable, with ergonomic adjustable shoulder straps with quick release buckles and a bolstered foam back profile which increases ventilation.

Ducati Scrambler Hoodie


The Ducati Scrambler is synonymous with freedom, style, and self-expression. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to ride a Scrambler everywhere you go (sometimes you need to leave you pride and joy at home and take the car). What is possible, however, is to wear a Ducati Scrambler hoodie.

With its eye-catching yet casual look, you can bring your love for the Scrambler way of life with your off the bike. Made from heavy weight pure cotton, it is supremely comfortable to wear as an outer layer or with a jacket over the top in the colder months.

The hoodie features a kangaroo pocket at the front and the hood has adjustable drawstrings, so you can kick back in style and comfort whether you’re at work, at the pub, or relaxing at home. So, show the world that you go your own way with a Ducati Scrambler hoodie.