Author: Bryn Davies

ABR TomTom Central Alps Route

A motorcyclist on the splugen pass in Italy

The Best of the Central Alps route, as featured in issue 62 of Adventure Bike Rider magazine, will take you on a 170-mile long route through Italy and Switzerland, ticking off famous mountain passes like the Stelvio Pass and the Splugen Pass. The gpx file isn’t available to download right now, but it will be as mountain passes start opening up again in the late spring.

If you’re planning on riding the Best of the Central Alps route, which starts in Bormio and ends in St Moritz, your best bet at the moment is to plug the following waypoints into your SatNav and you’ll be golden.

  • Bormio
  • Spondigna
  • Davos
  • Splugen
  • Chiavenna
  • St Moritz

Total distance: 170 miles