5 things we love about the Triumph Tiger 1200 range

Triumph released its new Tiger 1200 range early last year, redesigning every area of the bike in a bid to go toe-to-toe with the class leaders of the large-capacity adventure bike world.

With a new engine, a new frame, new hardware, and new tech, the Tiger 1200 was a significant step forward from the previous version, and an absolute belter of an adventure bike.

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In fact, in our initial review, we said it was “one of the best adventure bikes that ABR has tested.”

But now that we’ve spent some more time riding the different models in the range, and had a chance to compare them with the latest rivals from the likes of BMW and Ducati, has our opinion changed?

Not one bit. And with Triumph currently offering a cracking deal on its Tiger 1200 Rally models that includes a whopping £2,750 towards accessories for free, we thought it was time we took another look at the range.

So, here’s five reasons why we still think the Triumph Tiger 1200 is one of the best big adventure bikes on the market right now.

The Tiger 1200 is supremely comfortable

Seriously, it’s one of the most comfortable bikes out there. I’ve ridden the GT Explorer through the depths of winter, and with the heated grips, heated seat, generous fairing and windscreen, and spot-on ergonomics, I didn’t want to leave the saddle, even when it was below freezing.

It’s also been an excellent two-up tourer, with my better half saying it’s got one of the best pillion perches she’s been on. Oh, and she’s got a heated seat, too.

There’s a model for everyone

Sometimes, the wealth of options available for new adventure bikes can be overwhelming, but Triumph has made it easy to find the bike that’s right for you.

There are five models to choose from: three road-focused GT models, and two Rally models designed for off-road action, each with different levels of spec.

In terms of the road focused models, the standard GT focuses on road performance, with Triumph’s fantastic T-plane triple-cylinder engine that offers peak 148bhp and 130Nm, a 19-inch front wheel, and Showa semi-active suspension.

The GT Pro ups the touring comfort of the Tiger, with cruise control, quickshifter, cornering lights, and heated grips.

And the GT Explorer takes the long-range ability of the bike up another notch, with a cavernous 30l fuel tank easily offering over 300 miles of range, heated rider and pillion seats, and blind spot indicators all included on top of the GT Pro’s features.

The Tiger 1200 is great off road too

If your idea of adventure involves leaving the tarmac behind, the Tiger 1200 Rally range is more than willing to follow.

On our off-road test of the Tiger 1200 Rally Pro, we wrote in ABR that the bike is “confidence inspiring, easy to ride, and almost unfeasibly agile.”

With a 21-inch front wheel, tubeless spoked tyres, 220mm suspension travel front and back, and a dedicated off-road mode which disables ABS and traction control, the Tiger 1200 Rally Pro is made for off-road adventures.

Meanwhile, the Rally Explorer model lets you ride further in any conditions, with a 30-litre fuel tank, protection around the sump, engine, and tank, as well as heated grips, rider seat, and pillion seat.

That offer I mentioned earlier applies to the Rally models, so Triumph is offering a huge £2,750 to spec up your bike. You can find out more by clicking here.

It’s all in the details

While the glorious triple-cylinder engine, all-day comfortable seat, and premium hardware deserve a lot of attention, it’s the details that Triumph has packed into the Tiger 1200 which make it just so good.

The intuitive, easy-to-use backlit controls and switchgear have earned high praise from us here at ABR, as well as the narrow seat and frame which make it easy to get your feet on the ground, keep your legs in a relaxed and roomy position no matter how long you spend on the bike.

Then there’s the new active preload reduction system, which lowers the bike when it’s coming to a standstill. This is always a welcome feature on a big adventure bike, particularly when riding two-up.

Features like these can’t help but give you the impression the folks at Triumph spent a lot of time actually riding this bike, and that’s why it’s so easy to get along with from the off.

Ready for globe-busting adventures

The godfather of adventure biking, Ted Simon, rode a Triumph Tiger around the world in the ’70s, and the latest Tiger 1200 is ready to do the same.

It’s driven by a faff-free and dependable shaft drive, which takes the hassle out of maintaining a drive chain, and there’s a huge 10,000 mile service interval to keep you going while you cross continents.

If you choose an Explorer model, you also have the 30L fuel tank to play with, giving you enough range to conquer even the most barren of locations.

Of course, we’re not all about to set out to travel the world, but these features all make daily bike ownership easier as well.

Whether that’s saving time on your commute because you’re only stopping for fuel once a week, or being able to ride more because there’s less maintenance to do, the Tiger 1200 is ready for whatever adventures you can throw at it.

Find out more

Initial reviews from a new bike launch can never tell the full story of what it’s like to live with.

However, having spent more time riding bikes from the Tiger 1200 range since it arrived in 2022, we can confidently say it impresses us just as much now as when we first swung our legs over the saddle. It’s still one of the best big adventure bikes you can buy.

You can find out more about the Triumph Tiger 1200 range and the current offer on the Rally models, which adds £2,500 of value, by clicking here.