Author: James Oxley

The Pressure Washer Safe for Motorcycles

I know I’m not supposed to, but I admit to taking my mucky bike to my local petrol station and using the coin-operated pressure washer to make it sparkle. I can hear some of you groaning already. Yes, I risk damaging wheel bearings and surfaces, but sometimes I’m in a rush and I need to get my bike cleaned quickly.

However, I can relinquish my pressure washer guilt forever thanks to a nifty home cleaning device from Muc-Off. Simply called the Pressure Washer, it has been designed to rid your motorcycle of crud and dirt without damaging delicate parts.

Leave petrol station pressure washers behind.

Muc-Off says it is the first pressure washer in the world to be built purely for bikes. It comes with three lances. One for bicycles, one for motorcycles with a higher pressure, and one adjustable maximum pressure lance to blast away heavy grime on your tyres.

For £79.99 you’ll get the Pressure Washer and lances, or for £119.99 you’ll also receive a snow foam lance, a waterproof carry bag, and Muc-Off cleaning fluids.

To wash your bike, all you need to do is plug the Muc-Off Pressure Washer into mains electricity and connect it to a garden hose that is hooked up to a water tap, then off you go.

We’ve been testing the Pressure Washer using the snow foam lance. Simply connect a bottle of Muc-Off cleaner to it and you’ll bathe your bike in thick foamy goodness.

We got a bit carried away and sprayed our way through most of a bottle of cleaner the first time we used it, but once we got the hang of things, we didn’t need to use anywhere near as much. The result of our efforts were sparkling, dirt-free motorcycles. Although we never let them stay that way for long!