Author: James Oxley


RST Pro Series Raid jacket

Price: £229.99

What is it? A stylish textile jacket for the urban adventure bike rider.

While I’m a big fan of technical motorcycle textiles, I don’t always want to look like I’m riding the Road of Bones when I pop to the shop for a pint of milk. It seems there are plenty of you who feel the same way, that’s if the popularity of urban adventure bike wear is anything to go by.

Jackets like the RST Pro Series Raid combine stylish yet understated looks that you’d be happy to walk into the office or a restaurant wearing, with some of the technical features found in more adventurous textile jackets.

These include a map pouch, decent-sized pockets, chest vents and adjustable buckles on the waist and arms. The jacket also features a SinAqua Pro waterproof and breathable liner, although this is not removable so you’re likely to feel the heat on warmer days. When the temperature plummets, you’ll be able to zip in the removable thermal lining.

The Raid jacket comes with a back protector, shoulder and elbow armour, which is all CE Level 1. It’s made from VX-R fabric, a woven nylon and polyester mix which is softer and more supple to the touch than some other motorcycle textile materials you’ll find.

Looks are important to buyers choosing a jacket in this segment of the market. The Raid doesn’t disappoint with its subtle, stylish design. It comes in two colours; black and a rather fetching military green.

The Raid is also comfortable to wear. However, the arms do come up a little short. The sleeves ride up past my wrists when I lean forward to hold the handlebars. This may not be an issue for you, but I’d suggest trying on the jacket before you buy, just in case.