Author: Naomi Dunbar

9 of the best adventure motorcycling accounts on Instagram

Glen Coe

Sometimes, it’s just not possible to set off on the epic motorcycle adventures we dream of. Be it work life, family commitments or just a serious lack of pennies in the bank, our plans and pipe dreams have to take a back seat on the bucket list. When I’m not able to get out and explore new lands on the bike myself, I head over to the world of Instagram to get my adventure fix and to keep the inspiration burning. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up nine of the best adventure motorcycling accounts on Instagram for you to have a nose at.

1. One Lost Moto

A post shared by Jesse (@onelostmoto) on

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From exhilarating helmet camera footage of riding challenging forest trails, to wild camping under the stars in some pretty awesome locations across the globe, Jesse and his motorcycle are worth a follow if you love thrilling adventure.

2. Tim Burke Photo

A post shared by Tim Burke (@timburkephoto) on

He quit his job and sold his things, Tim now spends his days exploring the world on his BWM GS and shares his experiences and stories though his stunning photographs along the way. He’s currently riding through the gorgeous landscapes of Colombia.

3. Ride Must

A filmmaker and globetrotter from Turkey, Tolga has travelled all over the world on his Husqvarna 701 Enduro. His Instagram profile is an array of beautiful and colourful photography of the incredible places he visits along the way.

4. Piki Piki Overland Blog

Michnus and Elsebie have been travelling the world on their motorcycles since 2010. They spend their days riding among spectacular sights, drinking beer and meeting friendly locals. They live the life and love to share their experiences through their Instagram profile.

5. Explore The Dirt

A post shared by Mark Ferguson (@explorethedirt) on

Mark Ferguson is an adventure motorcycling enthusiast who enjoys exploring the USA by two-wheels and sharing great photos of the extraordinary places he finds. From gorgeous wild landscapes to um, a T-rex riding a motorcycle, his profile is one to give a follow.

6. On Her Bike

The photo diary of Kinga, a lady who is an adventure seeker and motorcyclist. She is currently riding solo from Australia to well, everywhere. She’s seen some fascinating sights already and is exploring all that Poland has to offer at the moment.

7. Lea Rieck

Lea is a woman with one mission – to circumnavigate the world on her Triumph Tiger 800 XCA, called Cleo. After passing her motorcycle test only two years ago, it was not long before she set off on her remarkable solo adventure.

8. Chasing Borders

Three young Norwegians enjoying an awesome round the world motorcycle adventure and having a lot of fun as they go. From tearing up salt flats to sleeping under the stars, these three lads are living the ultimate life and documenting it brilliantly through stunning images on their Instagram profile.

9. Where The Road Ends

Setting off in November 2017, Where The Road Ends is a group of four army veterans who are riding their motorcycles from the Arctic Circle to the tip of South America. Recent images and photos have seen them enduring formidable snow storms and catching the incredible Northern Lights.

Have we missed your favourite adventure motorcycle Instagram profile off the list? Let us know in the comments section below.