New limited edition Zero DSR/X Black Forest adventure bike announced

ZERO DSR/X Black Forest

Zero raises the stakes in the electric adventure bike market with the new DSR/X Black Forest Edition.

When pallid-faced Tubeway Army singer Gary Numan asked ‘Are ‘Friends’ Electric?’ way back in 1979, he was perhaps not imagining a future where much of our lives are quite so controlled, enabled, and improved by electricity.

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Released at a time when those of us of a certain age were taking our first rides on a Yamaha FS1Es, Suzuki AP50s or, if you were really unlucky a Honda SS50, it would have been unthinkable that within a few decades electric cars would become commonplace on the roads, let alone that electric motorcycles could ever match the thrill and excitement of the Yamaha RD250LC that came out just a year later.

But when ABR tested the Zero DSR/X in Sicily back in the autumn of 2022, it was evident that, although the company’s new adventure bike might have lacked the intoxicating crackle of All Speed cans, in terms of jaw dropping acceleration, the Zero was right up there with the LC.

At 100bhp the bike had no shortage of power, but it was the 225Nm of torque available from a standstill that took the Zero to the next level, rocketing the bike forward with an eyewatering rapidity that it’s hard to imagine from anything but a top end sports bike.

Limited edition

Fresh for 2024, Zero has added created a new limited-edition version of the DSR/X called the Black Forest. It’s dripping with high-end components and bespoke adventure accessories that define a premier class adventure bike, that make it just as appetising as the kirsch-soaked cherries and whipped cream that define a gâteaux of the same name.

The DSR/X Black Forest Edition is resplendent in ultra-cool gloss black bodywork, contrasted with satin black panels and exquisite aluminium and steel detailing on key components. Understated graphics, sleek styling, and smoked LED indicators continue the brooding lines of the new machine, the profile and the stance of the bike very much in line with the best premier class adventure bikes on the market.

Rather than the cast wheels of the standard DSR/X, this iteration boasts externally spoked wheels with black tubeless rims which at the front are held by massive 47mm Showa USD forks, with braking coming from huge J.Juan four-pot calipers and 320mm twin discs. The Black Forest Edition also gets a full set of touring luggage and, with no exhaust to get in the way, both panniers are the same size to accommodate all your holiday essentials. With all three boxes coming with convenient inner bags, you can just lift them out and head for your hotel room.

On and off-road

On the road, the new DSR/X Black Forest has a tall adjustable touring screen and piercing side fog lights, while serrated foot pegs keep your feet anchored, whether you are on the dirt or tarmac. And if off road is your bag, then the sturdy skid plate, wraparound hand guards, frame guards and optional off-road tyres will help your progress, the super smooth belt drive and impressive balance of the bike making short work of the gravel and blacktop roads.

Matching all the conventionally fuelled bikes in the sector, the DSR/X Black Forest Edition has all the bells and whistles that buyers have come to expect. Selectable driving modes, cornering ABS, adjustable traction control, TFT screens, you know the drill here. There’s even a centre stand to make maintenance easier, not that you need to do much on an electric bike.

Mile munching

ZERO DSR/X Black Forest

Range is always going to be a talking point around electric bikes, with Zero reckoning the DSR/X Black Forest will return more than 200 miles from a charge if you add the optional Power Tank and don’t get too greedy with the throttle.

And in a bid to reassure prospective buyers of the Zero’s long-distance credentials, the manufacturer recently made a bid for the famous ACU Maudes Trophy, an accolade awarded for feats of motorcycle endurance since the ‘20s.

Riding a pair of stock DSR/X bikes, a team of seven riders took on an epic 60-hour, 1,100-mile endurance challenge across the UK. Only stopping to charge batteries and change riders, the team travelled from Lands’ End to Holyhead via Lowestoft and Edinburgh, battling through snow and ice to win an award first given to Norton back in 1924.

The team’s incredible effort made the DSR/X the first electric motorcycle to win the Maudes Trophy, and Zero only the 11th manufacturer to make the list. Now that’s something to be proud of and shows just how far electric motorcycles have progressed in recent years.

ZERO DSR/X Black Forest

Priced at £23,450, buyers of the 2024 Zero DSR/X Black Forest also receive a custom cover for their motorcycle and a VIP gift box containing distinctive personal accessories. That’s enough to make even Gary Numan smile. Head on over to Zero motorcycles website to find out more HERE.