Protect your motorcycle with possibly the toughest disc lock in the world

I don’t want to be over-dramatic, but there’s few things in life more distressing than returning to where you parked your bike, only to find an empty space where it should be.

I’ve had my bike stolen before, and it’s heartbreaking. But I’ve learnt my lesson, and now I don’t leave my bike anywhere without some sort of security in place.

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One thing I always carry with me now is a disc lock. It’s a simple, effective, and portable security measure that not only makes it more difficult for thieves to roll your bike away, it also acts as a visible deterrent.

However, as the old adage goes, if thieves want your bike badly enough, they’ll get it. Armed with angle grinders, gangs prowl the streets in vans or on scooters, and if they spot a bike that has cheap chains or locks, they’ll slice through them in seconds and be off with your pride and joy.

That’s why I use the Squire Defiant motorcycle disc lock, which is about the toughest disc lock you’ll find.

Angle grinder resistant

Some cheaper disc locks are flimsy enough that they can smashed apart with a hammer or a rock, but you’d have no such luck with the Defiant.

The 25mm solid hardened steel body and the 12mm boron hardened steel shackle are not only resistant to manual attacks, but also incredibly resistant to angle grinders.

It’s been certified to Sold Secure’s Powered Cycle Diamond standard, which is the highest standard that Sold Secure recognises, and means that the Defiant is resistant to angle grinders for at least 90 seconds, which is the point where the test stops.

Not only did the Squire Defiant exceed the highest testing standards set by Sold Secure, in real life situations it’s even more difficult to cut through then in laboratory settings.

That’s because thieves generally have to operate in the dark, and locks like the Squire Defiant are awkward to reach and sustain an attack on.

Sure, thieves can be brazen, but how many are willing to attack a disc lock that’s likely to outlast their cutting disc and make a huge amount of noise in the process?

Squire says that it’s also extremely difficult to pick the lock, with a high security six-pin key cylinder that features anti-drill, anti-pick, and anti-bump technology as well as two keys.

Plus, the lock is encased in a heavy-duty, weather resistant cover to prevent corrosion, and the visible branding tells thieves in the know that it’s not worth their time.

Watch the Squire Defiant motorcycle disc lock in action

Weighing 1.1kg, it’s far more portable than a chain, and I put it in my backpack or tank bag wherever I go.

The Squire Defiant is also made in Britain and comes with a 10 year guarantee for extra peace of mind, and it’s reassuring to know that my bike is protected by one of the most durable and industry-recognised locks on the market.

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