Aaron Mitchell Feat Image

Name: Aaron Mitchell | Age: 32 | Occupation: Driver

First bike?
Kawasaki Versys 650

Current bike?
Suzuki DRZ400S

Dream bike?
Probably a Triumph Tiger 800XC but I like my current bike a lot.

Ferry or tunnel?
Ferry. Makes me feel like an adventure has properly started seeing those white cliffs disappear.

Most expensive motorcycle accessory ever bought?
The Safari 28-litre fuel tank on my DRZ400S. The stock one is only 10-litres and I feel I need it for my RTW trip next year. Well, that’s what I tell myself to justify the costs!

Lifelong ambition?
Experience as much of the world as possible for as long as possible. This planet has so much that still needs to be explored and I plan to go and find as much of its beauty as I can.

Ideal travel partner?
Someone who can put up with my bad jokes and is happy to stop for regular tea breaks. If you know about bike mechanics your in because my knowledge needs addressing rather rapidly.

Most dangerous moment?
On a motorcycle, it was probably two years ago when I ran out of talent on the Stelvio Pass. I was fully loaded up on a Versys 650 thinking I was Valentino Rossi! Well, I’m not and I had a near-miss with a sheer drop off the mountain. I’ve learnt my lesson since then! I hope…

Most memorable moment?
I will keep this motorcycle related. I guess spending ages one day in Switzerland looking for somewhere to wild camp which is near on impossible and eventually being invited onto someone’s farmland to stay for the night. The sunset that followed was perfect. Cup of tea, tent up, sat next to my bike watching the day fade away behind the Alps. Not a care in the world. That’s what I like about travelling, once acclimatised to living on the road your issues back home seem irrelevant in the bigger picture.

What do you miss most when travelling?
I do miss my family a lot but with modern technology keeping in touch is so much easier than it used to be. So, depending on where I am in the world, a decent cup of tea. Teabags are at the top of my packing list. Proper English breakfast tea, none of the fruity stuff. That just won’t do I’m afraid.

Person you would most like to meet and the question you would most like to ask them?
Guy Martin. And my question to him would be, ‘Fancy a brew?’ What a top bloke. Honest, genuine and very talented. Plus, we clearly share a passion for drinking tea.

Favourite crap joke?
What did the piece of cheese say to himself in the mirror? Halloumi.

Write a 50-word personal ad for you and your bike as if you were both to join an adventure riding dating site:
Early 30s guy with an Asian steed is in search of adventure and fun times. Overinflated ego of handling his own equipment. They like to get down and dirty but not very good at cleaning up afterwards. Get in touch for a fun time if you dare.

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