Author: Naomi Dunbar

The Trans Euro Trail: Europe’s epic off-road motorcycle adventure

Trans Euro Trail Albania

The Trans Euro Trail (TET) is an epic off-road route that has been designed with lightweight motorcycle adventure at the forefront of its mind. This thrilling 21,126-mile dirt track route takes you on an awe-inspiring journey through 30 European countries and will give you the opportunity to soak in some of the best landscapes, culture and remote locations that these beautiful places have to offer.

Trans Euro Trail Ukraine

The TET has two arms, one which leads east and the other leads west. The eastern part of the route travels through Finland, the Baltic states, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria, before it journeys through Greece and Italy, and then into France where it joins with the western part of the trail. The western section crosses Sweden, Germany, the UK and France. It then passes through Andorra, Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar.

Trans Euro Trail Vecors France

If you feel like a challenge and wish to take on the full route, it’ll probably take you a couple of months, however, a fantastic thing about the TET is the fact that you don’t have to do it all in one go. You can slow things down a gear and pick and choose the section that you’d like to ride, allowing you to absorb every single inch of the trail’s charm.

Trans Euro Trail Montenegro

The route has been designed to have plenty of B&B’s and hotels en-route, but if you’re feeling really adventurous, there are plenty of campsites and wild camping spots along the way that you can camp or bivvy in for the night. The creators of TET have also developed a downloadable GPS map and a GPX track for each country which include points of interest, roads and landforms. You can check these out in the navigation section of their website.

Trans Euro Trail Serbia

TET is a not for profit organisation that is powered by a team of passionate motorcyclists referred to as Linesmen. The Linesmen are the guys who find and manage this ever growing and evolving network of off-road tracks that criss-cross through the staggering lands of Europe. Good news – the full route is completely free for anyone to access and use.

Head over to the TET website for more information about The Trans Euro Trail.