Discover the best biking roads in Spain and Portugal

There are so many reasons why Spain and Portugal are such popular adventure biking destinations, particularly for those of us who live in the UK.

With almost guaranteed sunshine, a seemingly endless supply of sensational roads and trails, epic landscapes, and rich culture and history, both countries have all the ingredients you need for an epic summer tour.

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Seeing as Spain and Portugal offer so many motorcycling riches, where do you go if you’re planning a bike tour? What are the must-ride locations you’ll be dreaming about revisiting all winter?

That’s where we come in because, in the July/August issue of Adventure Bike Rider magazine, you’ll find a fascinating and hugely entertaining travel story written by motorcycle travellers Sean and Emily Denton (that’s Emily in the photo at the top of the page), who spent a month exploring Spain and Portugal.

And while they hit popular spots like the Pyrenees and Picos de Europa, they also spent plenty of time unearthing hidden biking gems that will take your next Iberian tour to another level.

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And while you wait for it to arrive, here’s small selection of Sean and Emily’s must-ride spots from their feature in the mag.

Alto de Velefique, Almeria, Spain

Summiting at 1,793m, the Alto de Velfique is a twisting rollercoaster of a road that is nicknamed the Spanish Stelvio thanks to its clutch of hairpin turns that snake their way through the Andalusian mountains north of Almeria. Just watch out for the 17% gradients on those tight switchbacks.

Sera da Estrela Nature Park, Portugal

This protected area of outstanding natural beauty in central Portugal is littered with towering mountains, high plateaus, steep-sided valleys, and magnificent ribbons of road. In fact, it is the largest mountain range in Portugal and is just waiting to be explored.

Bardenas Reales, Navarre, Spain

Located in northeastern Spain, the Bardenas Reales is a vast, mesmerising area of semi-desert that looks like it could have been pulled straight from the set of a cowboy movie (in fact it was used as a location for a number of spaghetti westerns in the ’60s and ’70s).

And while there are miles of trails to explore, if you’re on tour and simply want to dip your toes into the area for a couple of hours, there’s a glorious 27-mile loop to ride taking in gravel trails, narrow bridges, and gentle inclines that’s perfectly suited to a big adventure bike loaded with luggage.

Don’t forget the coast

With its reputation as a Brits aboard destination packed with towering hotel complexes and booze-addled tourists, it can be tempting to shy away from the Costa del Sol. However, stray from the tourists traps and you’ll find some of the most beautiful coastal riding in Europe, as you can see in the photo above taken on the N-340 near Playa de La Rijana on Spain’s southern coast.

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