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Author: Alun Davies

As icing on the cake, The Bike Shop Faversham where Mick took the initial test ride on the Yamaha contacted clothing distributor Feridax who kitted him out in adventure riding gear and a Shoei helmet for the trip.

Mick was plainly rapped after arriving back in the UK. ‘‘This was a trip of a lifetime! I’m still trying to find my way down from cloud nine! It was a fantastic experience to ride with Nick, Caroline and their team, all of whom were absolutely outstanding in their dedication to not just ensuring that we all got home in one piece, but that we all had the opportunity to make the most of the trip.

I personally learnt so much from Nick where riding the Super Ténéré is concerned that I now feel able to get even more pleasure from my own machine.  The Super Ténéré is a brilliant bike! I rode a total of 2,200 miles through some very tough and demanding terrain and the bike didn’t miss a beat which is testament to the build quality of the Yamaha.’’