Sena 2018
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Author: Bryn Davies

In the new range are the Mythos Solo (1.37kg) and the Mythos Duo (1.74kg). Both feature easy clip systems for the poles, and the Mythos Duo has a twin porch to give you plenty of room for storing your gear and cooking.

The Xtra Lite range features the Robens new Hydro Tex XTL fabric, a strong fabric which has been woven from a 20 denier yarn – for those wondering what this means, it basically offers you a good combination of a lightweight and durability.

The outer of the tents have been coated in silicone to add strength to the fabric and act as a DWR, while the seams have been taped and the inner has been coated and treated to ensure waterproofness.

Oh, and if you’re into hiking, or happen to carry trekking poles with you on your adventures, The two person Atmos (1.56kg) and four person Stratos (1.16kg) are right up your street. Instead of using tent poles as support, they enable you to use your trekking poles instead, reducing their overall weigh by quite a bit.

With a four person tent weighing just 1.16kg, it might be worth checking out Robens’ new range when it becomes available next March.


ABR Internal 1

ABR Internal 1