Author: Bryn Davies

X-Lite X-551 Adventure helmet review

X-Lite X-551 Adventure helmet

The X-Lite X-551 Adventure has long been a favourite in the Adventure Bike Rider offices. At £379.99 it’s near the top of the price range for adventure-styled helmets, and when you’re paying this much for a lid, you expect top quality.

Fortunately enough, from the off it’s clear to see that the helmet has been crafted by a company that knows a thing or two about manufacturing good lids. X-Lite, which is a subsidiary of Italian brand Nolan, has been around since 1997 and offers quality, Italian-made helmets.

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The shell is made from a hard-wearing composite fibre and the lightweight construction along with the smooth and soft removable inner make it a pleasure to wear.

In terms of aesthetic appeal, in my eye it’s one of the best looking adventure-styled helmets out there, with multiple graphic options available.

The visor on the X-551 Adventure is both scratch and fog resistant though it comes with an included Pinlock insert which works perfectly at preventing visor fog.

X-Lite X-551 Adventure ventilation

It has four detents on the ratchet allowing for a variety of open positions and once in place, it stays there. The visor also has a nice, wide field of vision.

There’s plenty of ventilation on the X-551 Adventure making it great for warm weather riding; you get some very effective chin bar vents, two closable brow inlets and a further two closable crown vents as well as exhaust vents behind the rear spoiler to allow for a good cross flow of air.

X-551 Adventure peak adjustability

The adjustable peak is also very well designed and it doesn’t catch the air too much when blasting along the motorway.

Conclusion: The X-Lite X-551 Adventure is a firm favourite in the ABR offices, and for good reason. It’s well made, comfortable, light and the peak is very well designed.