ABR weekend weather forecast 23-24 September

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What the bloomin’ heck has the UK weather got in store for us weekend then, eh? After a week of rain, drizzle and sneezes here at the ABR office, we were keen to know what riding conditions we can expect over the next couple of days. Unfortunately, we don’t have a sexy weather presenter to give you the low down on the (not so sexy) weather, so you’ll just have to make do with our exceptionally well presented weather maps which we beautifully hand crafted below.

So my biker pals, here’s my critical analysis of what we can expect weather wise this weekend…

Tonight’s weather

Looks like there are going to be patches of rain and drizzle across the UK this evening and tonight as the clouds start to roll in. Take it steady on higher ground as there could be some spells of low fog. Minimum temperature in set to be around 12°C, so it looks like we could see slippers and brews in homes tonight.

Saturday’s weather

UK Saturday weather forecast

It will be a cloudy start tomorrow, however, it’s looking mainly dry. Good news, during the course of the morning it will start to brighten up with warmer temperatures and sunny spells to be expected throughout the afternoon for most of the UK, especially in the South West and in some parts of Northern Scotland (ya lucky devils). But, it will be quite windy in some parts of the west, particularly northwest.

Temperatures are set to be around the 19°C mark during the day. However, things will start to cool off in the evening, with cloud coverage for most of the UK and some rain in the northwest of Scotland.

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Sunday’s weather

Looks like we could potentially be in with a chilly start on Sunday morning, with cloud pretty much throughout the UK. As we approach the afternoon, the south east should see some sun poking out of the clouds with some warmer spells. Scotland however, will mainly be an absolute nope with some heavy rain sneaking in from late morning through to the afternoon. Sunday night will have cloud cover over most of the UK, with rain and drizzle over Scotland and Wales.

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If you’d like to hear what the experts have to say, then here’s the MET Office’s weekend weather forecast…