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Author: Alun Davies

Last weeks video showed you what it was like to ride up Erg Chebbi, the biggest dunes in Morocco, on a motorcycle. All great fun but what happens when it works the other way, when those dunes decide it’s pay back time and decide to ride all over you.

You’ll not come across sandstorms that often, especially on a bimble through the Cotswolds, but there’s always a possibility that you’ll encounter one when riding through the Middle East and North African countries such as Morocco. Many years ago on a hike through the Sahara with three mates I got caught out in a sandstorm during the night, having viewed this video I’m glad it wasn’t during the day. If I’d seen this monster coming my way, I’d have bricked it….

So, that’s what a sandstorm looks like when it’s coming your way. Now, what does it look like when you drive into one. Only the Aussies would attempt to do something like this….