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Author: Alun Davies

Forget Icelandic volcanoes and check out the adventure motorcycle opportunities on this island in the middle of the north Atlantic.

About 10 years ago I picked up my backpack and flew to Iceland with a couple of mates. We took a bus to the northern coast of the island disembarked and then started to hike through the interior to the southern coast.

Along the way we had to cross huge expanses of wilderness and swollen glacier melt rivers and at the time I thought ‘I’d love to do this on my motorcycle’.

In the following video keep a look out for the river crossing with the camp site in the background, this is the start of the The Landmannalaugar Trail which heads over to Thorsmork and then up and over what is now an infamous volcano, Eyjafjallajokull. This is where we finished our walk and stood on top of the volcano which is now causing all the air travel chaos.

If you fancy riding Iceland then you can take your bike with Smyril Line ferries from Denmark. Riding around and across Iceland is only feasible from June to the end of September – the have a lot of snow up there. Oh, and Iceland is one of the few countries in which I’ve suffered from heat stroke!


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