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Author: Alun Davies

I’ve been too busy with Adventure Travel magazine over the past two months to do anything with this site other than wish I had more time to work on it. I’m hoping to do something about that over the next 6 months, oh, yeah.

The good news – I’ve spent lots of time out on the Transalp (one of the reasons I’ve not had time for the site I guess) and have come to the conclusion it’s a fantastic machine. Probably the most comfortable and no stress bike i’ve ever ridden.

I’ve also paid my first ever visit to the Ace Cafe on the north circular down in London and have to say it was a great experience. I called in on a Sundat afternoon and the place resembled a 1950’s film set with old rockers and their aging machines all over the place. Long may the Ace continue.

I’ve also decided that the ride down to Timbuktu will be on a machine with no mods or third part add ons. That’s right, I’m taking the Transalp in the same condition I picked it up from the shop. I may live to regret that decision but then I’ll be on tarmac for all but 400kms of the trip now that the new road down through Mauritania has been completed.

More soon.

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