Sena 2018
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Author: Alun Davies

The new 1200 comes with a shaft drive, delivers power via a ride by wire throttle system plus it features cruise control, switchable ABR braking system, traction control and all are standard features as opposed to optional extras. You also get a steel chassis, standard forks and a mono-shock, 19in front wheel and 17in rear, dual headlights and hydraulic clutch. The bike also features a 950W generator which means you’ll be able to mount a Xmas tree complete with a flashing Rudolf without overloading the system  – a farklers dream.

Apparently, the optional extras are going to include; a centre stand, hard or soft luggage, high and low seat options and heated grips. It would be good if spoked wheels were added to that list.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Triumph competes in a few areas where the GS rules. For example, I’ve yet to ride a Triumph where the screen does anything other than create a vortex of hurricane proportions where as the protection on a GSA is good enough to have a picknick on the tank, at 70mph. Will the standard suspension cope with two up, fully loaded long distance travel?  And, will the centre of gravity be low enough so that you can pick the bike up (when dropped) and provide some reassuring stability if taken off road?

Anyway, it’s likely to be a big seller and I’m all for anything that advances the cause of adventure bikes. Bring it on.

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