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Author: Bryn Davies

1. What do you want from your cook set?

There’s more than one type of cook set out there, the three main ones being aluminium, stainless steel and titanium. Each one has its uses in different circumstances and knowing what you want from your cook set will help you save money and avoid disappointment when you go to fry your sausages.

Aluminium sets are fast to heat up (saving on fuel), cheap and typically lightweight, however, unless you get the more expensive hardened aluminium, they’re not very hard wearing and dents, knocks and scratches will easily damage them.

Stainless steel’s heavier and more durable than aluminium, but usually slower to bring water to the boil as it’s not as heat efficient. If you’re after lightweight, strong, long lasting and quick to heat pots and pans titanium is the way forward, however, it’s usually crazily expensive.

2. Easy cleaning?

Even when you’re at home cleaning the dishes is a ball ache, imagine how much harder it’s going to be when you’re out in the wild with only a drop of water and square of loo roll. If you’re the sort of person that doesn’t like the taste of yesterdays bacon fat on today’s sausages, look for cook sets that have an easy cleaning non-stick coating. Another thing that makes cleaning easier is rounded edges where the pan base meets the walls.

3. Durability

If a cook set’s flimsy and poorly finished don’t expect it to stand up to repeated use. We all want to spend as little money as possible, but it’s worth paying out a few extra bucks if you want a hard wearing, durable cook set that’ll last you more than a few camping trips.

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