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Author: Amber Howard

There are amazing tracks throughout the world to whet your appetite, but here are a few of our favourites.

Phillip Island, Australia

Australia is a little further afield, but any true biking and travel fan will enjoy a trip to Phillip Island. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful beaches, penguins, and a ride around the island on a Harley Davidson – the race track won’t fail to impress either. The only drawback is the changeable weather, which can be a little stormy next to the coastline.

Mugello, Italy

Located less than 20 miles from Florence, the Mugello track is one of the most scenic race circuits in the industry. The track is widely accredited as the most modern and safest circuit, however this shouldn’t detract from its race credentials; it has been a home to racing since 1914, and the heady mix of long straights, curves and sharp corners will keep any spectator on the edge of their seat.

Motegi, Japan

The ‘Twin Ring Motegi’ race course opened in 1997, and is set in an unexpected location; high in the hills and surrounded by beautiful forest near the Nakagawa River. The mix of bends, straights and tunnels make this oval course extremely popular with racing fans throughout the year. Visitors can also enjoy the motorsports museum.

Sepang, Malaysia

Opened in 1999 the Sepang track in Malaysia combines 15 turns and 8 straights, giving ample opportunity for the leader board to change at any time. This adrenaline pumping course is ironically set in striking Malaysia, famed for being a totally relaxed place, where sky scrapers, mountains, forest and beaches combine to form a melting pot of cultures.

Laguna Seca, USA

A little further afield Laguna Seca is famous for its ‘corkscrew’ bend which, combined with the sharp decline, makes any race here worth the extra distance. Located on the Californian coast, you could lounge on the beach or venture further into the US for a proper adventure.

MotorLand, Aragon

Motorland is an adaptable circuit, making it extremely interesting – they can change the course depending on the race, adapting and closing off parts of the track. Any trip to Aragon should involve exploring the castles, monasteries, and indulging in some adventure sports, especially skiing.

Jerez, Spain

Built in the 1980s the Jerez circuit in Spain offers a heart pounding mix of left and right hairpin turns. Recent renovations have made this one of the most well equipped circuits in the motorsports world. Furthermore, the birthplace of Flamenco dancing, Jerez de la Frontera, won’t fail to entertain; beautiful weather combines with fresh wines and architecture to create the perfect holiday destination.

Le Mans, France

Located only a few hours from Paris, the race track at Le Mans is a challenge for even an experienced racer. The slow bends and fast straights make for a ‘stop, start’ race which constantly keeps you guessing. Any bike and racing enthusiast will enjoy the Automobile Museum of La Sarthe located at the track.

Assen, the Netherlands

The motorsports race circuit in Assen was built in 1955, and is considered one of the best circuits by race fans.  Despite the lack of straights, the average speed of each race is exhilaratingly fast. Why not combine your visit with a trip to Germany, which is just over the border, or to Amsterdam.

Silverstone, UK

Last but by no means least, the Silverstone track was opened in 1948 after World War Two ended and left the air field redundant. Since then Silverstone has been an important fixture in motor racing; the modern track has an exciting mix of short straights and 18 turns, plus it’s conveniently located in the UK.

Author Bio: Amber Howard is the Brand Manager of Online Travel Insurance provider  She is a travel enthusiast who loves writing about all things ‘travel’, from industry news to top destinations. Visit for information on affordable and specialist Motorcycle Travel Insurance.

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