The new Ducati Multistrada V4 S Grand Tour: the ultimate grand tourer

Ducati has lifted the covers on the new Multistrada V4 S Grand Tour, which it says is the most ‘complete’ Multistrada V4 ever. But what does this actually mean?

Well, the V4 S Grand Tour retains the same chassis and engine as found in the current Multistrada V4 S, but it will be decked out in all of the optional add-ons and accessories that you can get with long-distance touring in mind, along with some of the features included on the 2023 V4 Rally.

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When ABR Founder Alun tested the V4 Rally earlier this year, he said it was the best bike he’d ever ridden. And the good news for those of us who stick to the blacktop on tour is the fact the V4 S Grand Tour appears to be a more road-focussed version of that bike, abeit without the larger 30l fuel tank.

So, while it may not be a revolutionary addition to Ducati’s line-up, the new V4 S Grand Tour still offers plenty to get excited about.

This is what’s new with the latest Multistrada.

Advanced electronics package

Since its inception back in 2003, the Multistrada has always been one of the most electronically advanced motorcycles, and the Grand Tour includes all of Ducati’s most cutting-edge electronic safety and comfort features.

One welcome feature is the Minimum Preload function which lowers the bike when coming to a stop or travelling at low speed, making it easier to get your feet down at traffic lights and for passengers to climb on.

There’s also the Easy Lift system, which reduces the effort required to lift the bike off its side stand through the use of the suspension hydraulics.

Other features include the radar system which operates the bike’s adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection, along with a tyre pressure monitor system, additional LED lights for riding at night or in poor conditions, as well as heated grips and heated rider and pillion seats.

Speaking of suspension, the V4 S Grand Tour comes with the ‘Ducatis Skyhook Suspension’, which is a semi-active electronic system which monitors and adjusts the suspension in real time, and also includes auto-levelling which adjusts seat height based on the bike’s current load.

In the cockpit, the Grand Tour comes equipped with a 6.5″ TFT display which allows you to ‘mirror’ your phone for full-colour navigation, and there’s also a full suite of safety features including cornering ABS, wheelie control, traction control, cornering lights, and vehicle hold control which makes it easier to start and hold the bike on an incline.

Touring ready

Elsewhere, the V4 S Grand Tour gains the passenger seat introduced on the V4 Rally, for better pillion comfort, as well as side cases with a total volume of 60L.

However, the Grand Tour doesn’t receive the V4 Rally’s 30L fuel tank, instead retaining the 22L tank from the standard V4 S.

The bike also comes with a centre stand, keyless ignition and fuel cap, and improved heat shielding around the swingarm as well as closable ducts around the rider’s legs.

The bike’s touring credentials are also enhanced with the high service intervals (valve clearance check every 37,000 miles), as well as a four-year unlimited mileage warranty and Ducati’s Roadside Assistance program.

Multistrada V4 S styling

The new V4 S Grand Tour maintains the overall look of the Multistrada V4, but the new model will arrive in an exclusive Grand Tour livery that highlights its Italian origins and sophistication.

The Ducati Multistrada V4 S Grand Tour will be arriving in dealerships from the end of September, and will cost from £23,595.