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Author: Alun Davies

In the process of writing up a test report on the Tiger 955i I think back to my first ride and in particular the strange case of the disappearing cockpit screens. Let me explain; the bike was advertised for sale by a guy up in Darlington, so, having pre-vetted the details over the phone and web I took the train up north expecting to complete the purchase and ride back down to Stratford upon Avon. About 250 miles in all.

Business completed, by 7pm I was on the M69 between Leicester and Coventry, within touching distance of the Triumph factory at Hinckley when the strangest thing happened. The day was drawing to a close, entering the murky period known as twilight, when I glanced down at the speedo and rev counter, rubbed my glove across my visor, and took a double take. All the marking indicators had disappeared, both the speedo and rev counter panels were glowing circles and it was impossible to read what speed I was travelling at or what my revs were. Spooky.

Ten minutes later as twilight turned into dark and they re-appeared and were as clear as they’d been during the day. It’s a strange, and off-putting effect, and either a design fault – all the colours merge in low light – or an indication of where David Blaine works in his spare time.

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