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Author: Alun Davies

Summer officially started this morning. As I don’t subscribe to the Gregorian seasonal time line my summers start on curious days throughout the year. Sometimes I have two, or three, which is far better than just having one, don’t you think? Summer begins the day I wake up and put some flesh on the vague motorcycle touring plans that have been floating in the void between my ears. And today’s the day.

Every year I travel over to a trade show in the German town of Fredrichshafen on the banks of Lake Constance near the border with Switzerland and Austria. In the past I’ve travelled over in a van loaded with magazines, brochures and one (or sometimes two) of my children. After the show we’ve worked our way down through the Alps and over the years my son and I have hiked many trails and climbed many mountains including Mont Blanc and the Eiger.

This year it’s different; a colleague is driving over in a van and the children have flown the nest which means…..freedom. And freedom means either the Sprint or the Tiger is getting an outing in some of the most spectacular scenery and on some of the most thrilling motorcycle roads in the World.

On first thoughts, my preferred route is this;
A quick blast from Calais to Chamonix.
From Cham to Martigny in Switzerland and up the Rhone Valley to Zermatt and the Matterhorn (might even climb it).
From Zermatt to Reideralp and a view of Europe’s longest glacier (Aletsch) and then up and over the Grimsel Pass to Interlaken and Grindelwald beneath the awesome north face of the Eiger.

Not sure where to go next but in these sort of surroundings you can’t go wrong. Roll on summer.

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