Author: Rob Slade

The best adventure biking photos from July 2016

Motorcycle camping in Japan

Here at Adventure Bike Rider we’re in a very fortunate position in that we hear from a huge network of contributors and readers about their travels. While we’re able to share a great deal of this with you, our readers, in the magazine, there’s still a lot which we can’t fit in.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to round up the best of our reader’s photos each month. We’re often blown away by the quality of some of the photos we get sent in, and while we manage to share a lot of them on our social media, we wanted to recognise these great submissions by selecting them for this feature every month.

As ever, we love to hear from our readers and social media followers, so be sure to send us a message on our Facebook page, or drop us a tweet with your photos, videos and stories.

With that being said, it’s now time to move swiftly onto the photos themselves. Hopefully they will inspire you to new adventures and plant new ideas in your mind about where to go next. Enjoy.

1. Ian Bronte Gatenby, Laos

Adventure motorcycling in Laos

2. Julie Horne-Turner, taking on the Stelvio Pass with a DRZ400

Biking the Stelvio Pass

3. Gary Hovenden, in a puddle of mud

Off-road motorcycling

4. Henry Fletcher, Norway

Motorcycle camping in Norway

5. Cameron McVittie, the Vercors, France

Riding the Vercors

6. HweeSung Park, Mount Fuji, Japan

7. George Heslop, the Dolomites

Biking the Dolomites

8. Ioan Parvu, taking a dip

Motorcycle river crossings

9. Peter Thompson, Nabesna Road, Alaska

Riding Nebesna Road, Alaska

10. Wes Hill, Alberta, Canada

Motorcycle adventures in Canada

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