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The Actic Circle and eBay Itch

Author: Alun Davies

Well, it had to happen, and I’m afraid this is it. I’ve decided to come out of the closet and write another blog.

If I’m understanding things correctly then a blog is like a diary, where I’m supposed to write about really boring things that are happening to me right now, or at least, interesting things that no one wants to read that happened in the not too distant past. To cover all readers needs, I’ll do both.

First up; about about a year ago I sat down and wrote a list of all the exciting adventures I was going to do over the coming 12 months and the places I was going to do them in. For example, this January just gone, I was supposed to be tearing through the Sahara on a motorbike with a wild, crazed look in my eyes. I managed to fulfil the commitment on the eye’s front but Cardiff was the nearest I got to the north African desert. And this is why…..

Despite all our best thought out plans, life sometimes takes the field and throws us a curve ball that changes all. Over the past year a close family member has had serious health problems that meant no way could I be biking to Timbuktu for a month or out of contact for weeks at a time. That has meant all major travel plans have had to be placed on hold and quite rightly too.

That said, there will be a trip this year to North Cape, the most northerly point of Europe at the top of Scandinavia. Fortunately, with the route I’m taking, I’m within a day’s drive of an airport at all times so I reckon this is one trip I can go and do. Can’t wait. Oh, and on the return leg the intention is to climb Kebnekaiser the highest mountain in Sweden, so I’ll have to find room to pack crampons, rope and ice axe plus all the other gear you need on a high, glaciated hill.

That’s all in the future but what’s happening today? Today I’m suffering from bike anxiety, I’ve decided that in the perfect world I’d like to own a Pan Euro and an adventure bike such as the Transalp, Triumph Tiger etc. And, as luck would have it there’s the perfect combo coming to bidding fruition on eBay over the next few days (Pan Euro and Tiger) at prices I can afford.

Watching these two bikes over the past 48 hours has brought on an eBay bidding itch that’s aching to be scratched but as I already own a Triumph Sprint and have a Transalp on loan, the temptation to bid and buy is tempered with the fact that I have two good bikes I can use. But that’s not the point, so, all things considered, let’s get bidding.