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Author: Alun Davies

Note – I’ve posted this review but it’s been written by our resident TBM Reviewer Wee Jack. Over to you Jack…

I have to admit to being a little disappointed when this months TBM dropped through the letterbox. After many months of adventure bike tests , tales of travel to Africa and Australia and sage advice from hardened overlanders , this edition seemed to have nothing between it’s covers that ticked those boxes. However a little read of the letters section revealed that there are many more like minded people out there begging for more of this type of stuff , we live and hope that the TBM team are taking note.

A closer read revealed that there are a couple of articles of interest to adv riders , the main one being a report by the team on the BMW Offroad Skills Course , run in Wales by Simon Pavey (the Rally god and only member of the “Road to Dakar” team to finish the event after Charlie Boorman crashed and cried into the sand!) . I have had an interest in doing this course for a few years , but time , distance and finance are obsticles I have to overcome before tackling the logs and bogs of Wales.

There is also an interview with Bruce Brown the man who made the iconic “On Any Sunday” the movie starring Steve McQueen , considered by many to be the best biker movie ever made.

Have I mentioned before just how impressed I am with the way TBM conducts bike tests? well this issue does not fail – the usual in depth testing of a trio of big bore 2 stroke Enduro/trail bikes – KTM , Gas Gas and Husky put through their paces and a KTM powered Beta RR450 tested competing in a real Enduro event – magazine bike testing just does not get better than this.

All this and the usual smattering of regulars – David Knight, Chris Evans, Si Melber and Mike Woolley.

ABR Internal 1

Great value in a small format package …………. 8.5/10

ABR Internal 1