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Author: Marc von Weissenfluh

Well.  Its been a while since I was out on my last big trip on the bike.  This year, I finally wanted to head out for Norway, Sweden and Finland.  So I once more dough up my alloy side cases, the waterproof roll and my old tank bag.

I soon remembered, that with the tank bag I was nothing else than  annoyed.  This floppy thing in front of me was anything but good, or functional.  Always a struggle to put the rain cover on and just in my way all the time.  Not to mention, that if you use a map, it has to be folded up to the size of a stamp, that you are able to but it behind the clear screen some bags have on it.  But still, a tank bag comes in very handy for the camera and little things you need on your way.  Anyway, as I was anything but happy with this bags, I decided to ditch it and get myself a new one.

So over the years I owned quite a few of those bags.  Some made by the bike manufacturers them selfs and sold as a byproduct  with their range of bikes and some I got from Motorcycle Travel Gear Makers.  But it was the same thing with all of them.  I just was not satisfied with any of those products.  Of course if you ask a 100 Bikers how they would like their made, you will get probably a 100 different issues.  But I am easy pleased.  I don’t look for much.  All I ask for is a waterproof tank bag, who isn’t in my way and has a good size compartment for a road map.

So I started searching in the for Tank Bags.  The Search engine of my browser spit out hundredths of results.  Hour later, after working myself trough, what seems to be the same rubbish, I found this little firm in Switzerland, called Enduristan.

I really much liked what I read on the screen and the pictures was very promising.  So I contacted Enduristan, sorted out the payment and a couple of days later, I got a “Sandstorm” in my mail.

I felt like a kid at Christmas.   Impassioned I opened the box and there it was.  First impression very good.  So off I went to the garage to, fit the bag on to my bike.  The Instructions where kept very simple, so even I was able to manage to get the bag fixed to my bike.  There again.  Very good impression again.  Its sits rock solid on the bike.  What I like the most is the fact, that there are no fiddly bits to get the bag on or off the bike.  It just clicks in the buckles you once have to fit and thats it.  No breaking your fingers that you have another joint, to get the Bag back on to the zip.  No diving head first down on the side of your bike, trying to get the belt round the front end and not having enough arms to hold and shove and pull, and ending up asking someone for help to mount the bag back to the bike.

ABR Internal 1

I only had to set the 3 mounting points once and this is it.  4 Click and the bag sits in place.  Same to get it off.  To fill the bike with petrol, I only have to release the 2 front buckles and I can flip the bag back, out of the way.  I always dreaded the Petrol stops because I knew it will be nightmare to get the bag back on.  No more of that with my new bag.

So next I wanted to try the extension of the bag.  So I released the 2 Velcro strips on each side and pulled the the bag to its full extension.  I shoved in my raincoat, a bottle of fizzy water and a few other bits I was able to get my hand on.  Then I closed the lid and compressed the whole bag by fastening the Velcro Straps on each side.  “Brilliant!” I was thinking.  I can actually exactly compress the bag to what I need, space wise.  So far, with the old bags, it was either open and floppy, as I never filled all the space or it was closed, which left me with little space.  I am going to like my new bag very much!

So I turned my attention to the Map part.   A A4 page fits in very comfortable.  I don’t have to torture a Map to get her in as well.  I can actually use the fold, provided by the manufacturer of the road map to get her to fit.  And the best thing, I can position the map part where I actually want it on top of the bag and if I don’t need it, I can take it off completely.

So there I was, happy with my new purchased tank bag.  But of course I had to go for a test ride.  So I got my gear on and set off for a little tour round our lakes.  I soon noticed, that also when in motion, the bag sits as solid as a rock.  No flopping about, no blowing itself up.  So of course half way it had to start raining.  So I stopped to get my rain gear out to put on me and I wanted to get the rain cover for the bag.  I assumed it would be in one of the side pockets, but I never checked.  So all I found in there was some stuffing.  Well, maybe I forgot it at home.  So I headed back to my garage.  I started looking for the rain cover, but I just couldn’t find it. “Cheeky”, I said to myself.  So I have to order a rain cover separate.  Well, not today, I just use one of my old ones.  So me being me, I always try things myself and once I struggled for hours I sit down and read the manual.  So I actually found out, hat the bag is weather proof.  Not waterproof, weather proof.  I ended up investigating by the manufacturer about the weather proof.  I was told by Enduristan:   The Sandstorm is made from waterproof TPU coated nylon fabric.  Most of the seams are welded, not stitched.  Together with the water repellent zipper, these features make our tank bag highly weatherproof.  Actually we planned to offer a rain cover, but the positive experiences of our customers encouraged us to stop the project rain cover.

So there I am.  Happy to be a owner of a Enduristan Sandstorm and annoyed, that I didn’t find this little firm a lot earlier.  I use this bag quite often, more than all the others in fact.  I rode with that bag in some biblical storms and so far i never had as much as a drop of water in it.  The designer must ride a bike himself, as he seems to put a lot of effort in it, to make a product, which is tough, functional and easy to assemble.

If you are looking to get yourself a tank bag, I can highly recommend the Sandstorm from Enduristan.

You can find further information about the tank bag


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