Sena 2018
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Author: Spencer Grey
 The problem, ( even with Barbados hand grips )
When your hands go and concentration shortly follows eventually you cant hold your fags or a pint, catastrophe!!.( oh and ride your bike ). So heres a tip for when you feel like you’ve had your hand down Anne Robinsons cleavage for two hours.
Their not flattering and not available from this seasons Ducati essential wear catalogue, and wearing them whilst hearding amoungst the masses of badger chinned growlers riding their two wheeled  home brew creations at the bulldog bash wouldn’t be good for either your cred or life expectancy, but i’m gonna take the stand and sing from the roof tops about the simplicity and impact that grannys trusty rubbers  can have on your touring.  The bottom line is, cold and wet isn’t fun after a long enough exposure and as good as your gloves are its only a matter of time when temps drop from 26 c to 4 c in only two hours as you climb to higher altitudes on mountain roads, add in a zest of horizontal rainfall at 70 mph and thunder on the rocks and you’ve got a “Taquilla Miffed off”, not a warm pint of “Ye old inspector shagnasty’s bowel shaker”
The solution is around the corner in the local “intelsupremo supermercada”,
and their called Marigold’s, even available in a lovely shades of pink and yellow for all those Valentino Rossi fans out there. So the lesson learnt and the reason why these are essential touring kit is that they will improve the efficiency of the gear you have underneath, keep you drier and warm, and can be chucked on at any point when the weather rolls in. Mine are taped under my seat and just like an ugly one night stand i don’t want to think about what it looks like but it sure does the job!

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