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Author: Jon Young

This is not his first venture into adventure biking. In 2008 Guezuraga rode from his home in Texas all the way south to Tierra del Fuego. He undertook the journey on a BMW F650 GS.

On his first trip Guezuraga planned every detail and was prepared for every eventuality, but that will not be the same for this adventure. “On the first trip I had planned self sufficient. I could ride to Argentina and handle all mechanical issues that came up without any support.

“But I learnt that wherever you go there are people. Someone has tools or knows someone who has tools. So this time I am not brining any spare parts, no oil filters, just minimal parts to avoid getting stuck.”

Guezuraga is not even going to take clothing for the whole trip. Leaving in the middle of the summer he is going to pack for warm weather and buy new clothes as the weather get colder.

As well as keeping the bike light and manoeuvrable in tricky situations – such as single track and even hotel lobbies – Guezuraga said travelling under prepared gives him a mission in each town he arrives. Be it the need to get new gear or bike maintenance, he will have an extra motivation to meet local people.

Guezuraga is funding the trip by selling his house and taking breaks every few months to do a little work. You can follow his trip.