Sena 2018
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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

“Nor did I want to ride my motorcycle somewhere and see all those great trails and have no bicycle to use. I knew this rack would truly open up a whole new world of adventure to motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.”

Blake claims that neither the motorbike nor the pushbike are damaged when using the rack, and that it’s safe for the rider as he considered things like balance and wind when he was designing it.

“I lived by my motto ‘form follows function’ and designed a product that I believe met my goals,” Blake concludes. “The rider’s safe, the motorcycle isn’t compromised, the bicycle isn’t impacted in the least, and it’s easy to install. Mission accomplished.”

The 2X2 Cycles Bicycle Rack is available for most motorcycle models and bicycle types and ships worldwide; prices start at $279 (£178.92).

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