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Author: Alun Davies

‘Training for the Dakar meant a lot of time in the desert in blistering heat and deep sand.  It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to go and do something completely different and is a real challenge’ said Jones.

The physical exhaustion will be tough, and high altitude illness could strike the duo as well as the severe cold with the temperature dropping below -10. Water from the melting glaciers will make river crossings challenging and from the base camp upwards there are no defined paths just rocks and boulders. And of course unpredictable weather can cause problems along the way. It will also be a technical challenge to keep the engines running at this altitude.

Craig Bounds had the following to say; ‘You only live once, so you’ve just got to go for it.  My father of 74 is running the marathon next year and recently did a skydive – he is a real inspiration’.

Craig and Tamsin are no strangers to pushing the boundaries, both having finished the arduous Dakar rally and Red Bull Romaniacs extreme enduro.  Click here to follow their progress.