Download your King Arthur Trail GPX file below

Are you ready to chase the legend of King Arthur on a journey through some of the most remote and picturesque landscapes in South West England?

First recorded in romantic medieval histories, legend tells of a fearsome knight who spent his time in what is now known as Cornwall repelling Saxon invasions, winning battles almost single-handedly, and even fighting mythical creatures such as dragons.

Stories and songs continued to be told, all linking back to a King named Arthur. The medieval writers of the 13th century had a field day, and romantic histories embellished the legend, detailing the story of Arthur and his magnificent castle of Camelot, his Queen Guinevere, the Knights of the Round Table, and his sword Excalibur.

The legend of King Arthur lived on through nearly 1,000 years of British history, shaping national identity, local legends, and plenty of famous tourist attractions along the way. Whether or not you believe in the legend, we decided that the idea of a legendary British Knight marauding around one of our favourite places to ride in the UK, Cornwall, was simply too good to dismiss.

So, this route from issue 62 of Adventure Bike Rider magazine is dedicated to the legend that is King Arthur. You can download a .gpx file by clicking the link below and stick it straight into your SatNav. Or, follow the waypoints listed next to the map below. Enjoy the ride.

King Arthur GPX route.gpx