KTM adventure bikes

On the ABR forum: Which large capacity KTM is best?

Author: Rob Slade

With debates about Brexit making a momentary absence, the activity on last week’s forum focused specifically on adventure bikes, gear and touring.

Can you help out any of our readers with question about adventure boots and which large KTM is best for trail riding?

KTM Deano is looking at buying his first pair of adventure boots. Up until now he has been using Daytona touring boots but is after something more robust. Drop in on the forum to let him know your recommendations.

Stewie is looking to get a big trail bike and has his sights set on a big KTM, but he wants to know which one is best for off-road and why. “I’m not bothered about the residual value if/when I drop it.” Head to the forum to share your thoughts.

Trev is planning to spend three days riding around, over and across the Pyrenees and is looking for recommendations on where to go and what routes to ride. Suggestions welcome on the forum.

Sgt Bilco has a couple of spaces available in a container heading out to California at the end of the month and wants to know if anyone fancies taking the spot. “You can either do your own thing or join me on a three week trip around the canyons and mountains.” Let him know by heading to the forum.

Need some gear, touring or technical advice? Join the forum and you’ll have access to thousands of adventure bike riders ready and willing to help.