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Author: Rob Slade

The ABR forum has been awash with activity over the past week and there are a lot of people looking for advice on action cams, bikes and a discussion about the best biking pubs out there. Can you help anyone out?

AndyB has started a thread looking at people’s favourite biker pubs. His is the Queen Mary in Chimay and he wants you to add to the list! You can do so by heading to the forum.

Chain driven is looking at purchasing a Triumph Tiger 800XC for mainly two-up touring on the black top and he wants to hear from anyone who has/had one as to whether or not they are worth the money. Drop by the forum and help the guy out here.

Djl50 is looking for campsite recommendations for the southern Belgium/Luxembourg area.  “Looking at a short trip in September.” Any suggestions are welcome on the forum.

Diggermanbob is looking to upgrade the suspension on his DRZ400s but wants to know if there are any particular makes that are good. Share your thoughts by heading to the forum.

Bigfoot is looking to get an action camera for a friend and wants to know if anyone has any experience with products that come in a bit cheaper than the likes of GoPro. Help him out by dropping in on the forum.

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