Honda CRF250L

On the ABR forum: What would be your ultimate two-bike lineup?

Author: Rob Slade

It’s that time again where we look back at the activity from the past seven days on the ABR forum and pick out some of the highlights.

This time we’ve got questions about touring Normandy, panniers and a debate about which two bikes you would choose if you were only limited to one for on-road and one for off-road. Can you help anyone out?

Watty2016 is looking to head over to Normandy to explore the WW2 sites and take in the area’s scenery and is looking for some advice on things like where to start, where to stay and what routes would maximise his riding enjoyment while still giving him time to pay respect to the fallen. Help him out by heading to the forum.

Tink is looking at investing in a new bike and he’s considering the WK400, Honley 250 Adventure and the Pulse Adrenaline 250, but he’s after some opinions on all three of them. Drop by the forum to let him know your thoughts.

Photo: Basil Strahm

Garyboy is asking, with all of your biking experience in mind, which bikes you would choose if you were only limited to one for on-road riding and one for off-road. He picks the Honda NC750 DCT and the CRF250L. What would you pick? Join the debate on the forum.

Shep is looking to get a new set of panniers for his BMW F700GS and will need new frames too. He’s looking for some advice on what he should consider investing in. Help him out by dropping by the forum.

Herman is in the early planning stages of a trip which will see the use of a backup van and he’ll need some sort of communications equipment to keep in touch between all vehicles. “Terrain will be at worst mountainous, but distances could be 30/40km at least.” He’s looking for any information on the sort of kit he should consider. Head to the forum to share your thoughts.

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