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On the ABR forum: What is an acceptable markup on an organised bike tour?

Author: Rob Slade

It’s time to look back at the past week’s activity on the ABR forum. Have a quick browse and you’ll find various threads scattered about debating current affairs and, happily, plenty of bike-focused threads.

Among the highlights are questions about weekend routes near Manchester, dealing with neck ache and a debate about what you consider to be an acceptable markup on an organised motorcycle tour. Can you help anyone out?

Lnkshr76 has been suffering from a sore/aching neck after rides on particularly windy days and is after some help to sort it. “I think the wind may be catching the peak on my lid a bit, but thought I’d ask as [there] may be something I can do to help alleviate it.” Any ideas?  Let him know on the forum.

Adventure steele is looking to do more weekend trips and wants some route recommendations starting that are easily accessible from Manchester. Head to the forum to share your ideas.

Ratass wants to know what would be the largest tank he could get for his BMW R1150GS. Drop in on the forum to help the guy out.

Bigfoot has been thinking about the markup that tour operators make on their trip compared to the costs that are actually incurred. Out of interest, he recently compared the cost of a month’s trip for him and his wife this winter and found the nearest offering to be £5,500 more with an operator, compared to independently. So, with that in mind, he’s asking, “What would you say is an appropriate markup?” Share your thoughts on the matter here.

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