Gospel Pass, Wales

On the ABR forum: The ideal first adventure bike for under £2,000?

Author: Rob Slade

The fallout from Brexit continues to rumble on among users of the ABR forum, as does the response to the fantastic quarter-final performance by Wales. Of course, among all of that was also plenty of bike and travel-related chat, and as ever, there are plenty of bikers looking for advice.

Among the threads over the past week were questions about helmet cameras, touring in Wales and what would make an ideal first bike under £2,000. Can you help anyone out?

MrDan is learning to ride and is looking forward to getting his first bike, but he wants some advice on what to get. He’s asking, “What first bike would you get? Or what first bike do you wish you got?” His budget sits at £2,000 and he would be interested in being doing a bit of green laning as well as road riding. Head to the forum to let him know your thoughts.

Birdie is looking to do some touring and camping in Wales next week and is looking for any decent recommendations on great roads, campsites and places worth stopping by. Help the guy out by sharing your knowledge here.

GB wants to know how many of you actually cook food when camping, or if you just heat water for packet food and drinks? Drop by the forum to share your experiences.

Watty2016 is considering whether or not to plump for a helmet camera and he would like to hear from guys that already use them. “What would you guys recommend as the best and least intrusive cam for the bike?” Help him out by heading to the forum.

Lancashirelad is contemplating investing in one of the original Africa Twins and wants to know if anyone has any ideas on how much they are worth. “There are a few on eBay at the mo in the £5.5/6k region. I looked at the one in Colwyn Bay and although it’s 99% mint, are they worth the prices being asked?” Pop onto the forum to share your thoughts.

In need of some bike, touring or gear advice? The ABR forum is stacked full of knowledgable riders who, between them, will probably be able to answer any bike-related question you may have. Sign up here.