On the ABR forum last week…

Author: Rob Slade

It’s time to look back at the best threads from last week on the ABR forum. There’s some engaging posts including an interesting solution to the Calais trouble and questions about the most comfortable adventure bikes on the market. Can you help out any of the forum users below?

Kirky1298 has just swapped his 27-year-old NX650 Dominator for a Honda XR400 and is wondering whether or not he has done the right thing. “Jebus it’s tall, like on stilts tall. I used to run a CR250 stroker and can’t remember it being this tall. It goes like s*** off a shiny shovel, seriously, popping the front in 1st and 2nd just off the gas.” So has he done the right thing? Drop in on the forum and let him know.

Byewayrider is looking to invest in a new adventure bike after “dragging my sorry ass around Europe on a KTM690” for years. He wants it to be smooth and comfortable, holds no prejudice to any brand but it can’t break the bank and has to be second hand. “Don’t care who makes it just needs to be reliable and comfy for a 10.5st skinny bloke…” Head to the forum to let him know your thoughts.

Tramp has an interesting solution to solve the Calais problems. Stopping all foreign lorries entering Britain in an effort to stem the flow of immigrants. Instead, have good shipped in secure locations away from Calais, put on the same trains and shipped around the UK by British truckers. “Save our government erecting fences so spend that wasted money on other UK projects…like better roads…” Agree or disagree? Discuss here.

Redmurty is in the early stages of planning to ship a bunch of Tigers over to the States in 2016 with a group from the Tiger forum. They may have space for extra bikes and are asking around for interested parties. “You do not have to be a Triumph owner rider (we just won’t talk to you) and you don’t have to plan to ride with us… The plan so far ship bike to the states, everyone sorts their own flights out pick bike up and ride.” If you’re interested, click here and head to the forum!

Skyliner is looking at getting a portable charger for his electronics but isn’t sure what to get. “Any recommendations?” If you know your portable chargers, pop on the forum and give the guy some advice.