On the ABR forum last week…

Author: Rob Slade

The latest forum roundup sees some pretty interesting conversations taking place over the past week including whether expensive gear is actually worth the outlay and how frustrating slow drivers can be. On top of that, there’s a rather amusing video of a motorcycle instructor showing how not to ride and someone is looking for advice on motorcycle sheds.

Forum regular Moto al is starting a debate about the cost of gear. Do you get a better product if you spend a lot of money or are you just paying for a logo and smart marketing? The question has seen a lot of activity with some suggesting that more money means more R&D while others would rather go cheaper for a product that does a very similar job. Where do you stand? Join the debate on the forum.

Johnnyboxer has shared a video of a motorcycle instructor having a bit of an accident while out with two learners… You’ve got to watch the video of this one (below)! Have something to say about it? Drop in on the forum!

XF650 has taken to the forum to have a bit of a rant about today’s drivers. He’s fed up of getting stuck behind someone (insert expletive of your choice) who can’t drive. They may be going slow one minute and fast the next or braking frantically at every slight bend in the road but one thing’s for sure, XF650 is fed up of it. “On a bike, meet t**t, open throttle, they’re history. Bliss and soon forgotten about. So, God, if you exist, thank you thank you, thank you for the motorbike!” If you feel the same, join the rant by clicking here.

Godspeed is in the market for a motorcycle shed. He’s potentially moving to a house that doesn’t have a shed so he’s looking at putting up a shed in the garden. “I’d like something big enough for three bikes or two with room to work on one of them. Does anyone use any ‘motorcycle sheds’ and what should I be looking for?” If you’ve got any ideas, drop in on the forum and share your experiences.