On the ABR forum last week…

Author: Rob Slade

Another week has passed which means it’s that time again for the roundup of what’s been happening on the forum over the last seven days. There have been some interesting questions raised over the last week including, what bikes have surprised you (for good and bad) and what was the last thing you bought but didn’t need just because it was cheap?. Got an opinion? Make sure you head to the forum and share it!

vRSG60 wants to know, “What was the last thing you bought, not because you needed it, but because you wanted it and it was a bargain?” The question comes as he’s seen a Klim Latitude jacket on sale for £150 delivered, but is unsure on whether or not to take the plunge because he doesn’t really need it! So, what did you last buy on the cheap?

SteveW is talking about what bikes have surprised you. For him it was the Kawasaki GTR1400 which was a massive let down. “How did Kawasaki make a 160bhp bike so gutless?” On the other hand, the Suzuki SV 650 proved to be a pleasant surprise. “What a cracking bike”. Have you been let down or surprised by any particular bike?

Moto al is delving into the topic of buying or leasing bikes. He’s posted up some info on the pros and cons or both and is asking if anyone has any thoughts on the matter. Is leasing the way forward? Or is it best to stick to buying? Join the debate on the forum by clicking here.

Bodderboy is looking for recommendations for any small, lightweight hand pumps for inflating tubed tyres. It comes after he got a puncture on his DRZ and so he’s not getting a trail riding kit list together. Any recommendations for tyre levers and spoons are also appreciated. Got any kit advice? Head to the forum to let him know.